Heel spur is the abnormal extension of the bone in the heel, which is pin like in appearance and causes immense discomfort and pain due to swelling. People with active lifestyles and those from the sports field are likely to have pain in their heels. Lack of calcium in the body is a major cause of heel spur, as it causes the bone to leach calcium. Women who are used to wear high-heeled footwear are more likely to have this problem as the entire weight of the body is exerted on the heel bone. Obesity, rheumatoid, ill-fitting shoes and aging are other reasons for heel spur.

One might experience pain when he/she gets down from the bed in the morning, and might have difficulty in moving around. Walking short distances becomes an ordeal, and walking on uneven surfaces causes immense pain. At times, the pain is so unbearable that it makes the person’s life extremely miserable. Sometimes people do not get to know the cause of the problem till they get an x-ray done for their feet.

It is not necessary to undergo surgery for the removal of the extension in the bone, as there are several aids and treatments to provide comfort.

There are simple and easy home remedies on Heel Spur, which give relief over time. Certain exercises like rolling a ball or bottle under one's feet tend to give relief after a few days.

Consuming foods rich in calcium or consuming calcium tablets directly is also beneficial, as this prevents leaching. Alfa alfa tea if consumed daily, provides immense relief too.

Massaging the heels with coconut oil is also beneficial. Coconut tablets are also available in the market for frequent consumption.

Alternate heat and cold therapy is one of the most effective home remedies on heel spur. One can soak his feet in warm water (with about a tablespoon of salt mixed in it) for 2-3 minutes, and then immediately soak them in cold water for 2-3 minutes. This process is repeated for 5-6 times ending with warm water. It can be done twice a day, and the results are visible within 3-4 days, when the pain begins to subside, as the blood vessels open and the blood circulation improves.

Just soaking the feet in salted water for 15-20 minutes too relaxes the feet muscles, if one does not have much time in hand for the alternate therapy.

Applying flaxseed pack on the heel is also one of the few useful home remedies on heel spur.

Obese people can also concentrate at reducing their weight and lessen their misery.

Old shoes whose heels have worn out should not be used as they exert pressure on the heel bone. Good quality shoes are always an investment in the long run. Special shoes recommended by doctors for heels are available in the market. Customized shoe soles too are available that can be placed in the shoes, and one can walk around with these under one’s heels with great comfort.

If the pain persists even after following these home remedies, immediate medical assistance is advised.

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