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When, during intercourse, a man ejaculates quite early than he would have wanted to, the condition is termed as premature ejaculation. You take it as a problem when ejaculation occurs in men only within 1-2 minutes. Many factors lead to premature ejaculation; therefore, it pays to educate yourself a bit about instances when you really need to see a doctor. That's usually the only way to know how to last longer in bed.

There are certain situations when it becomes difficult for men to last longer in bed. Despite their efforts, they fail to perform better, and that's when they need to consult with an expert to get over their sexual woes. A person needs to see a doctor if he cannot control his feelings and gets to orgasm even on the sight of a sexually arousing visual. It needs attention if premature ejaculation becomes more frequent even in routine sexual encounters. You need to see your doctor when you notice some irregularity when reaching orgasm.

Treatment for premature ejaculation disorder:

You can treat this particular disorder using allopathic or homeopathic medicines. There are a few home remedies as well that may also help prevent premature ejaculation; they ensure that men last longer in bed. You can also find these medicines over the internet. It is possible to collect good info about different famous brands on different sites. However, the fact that allopathic medicines come with certain side effects inspires people to go for homeopathic treatment. In homeopathy, there are over 50 treatment options available and they carry no side effects. Nevertheless, home remedies are probably the best solution to this problem.

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Some Simple Tips:

If a man feels that lasting longer in bed is becoming a problem, it is a good idea to have intercourse more frequently. This would give you more experience and some insight into what works for you when in bed.

When a man stays on top during an intercourse, it tends to trigger the orgasm phase, resulting in premature ejaculation. Therefore, a change in position is desirable, as it may help achieve better results.
Exercises like yoga that help relax the body and mind are also very good for preventing premature ejaculation disorder.

Maintain proper communication with your partner, as it helps keep stress out of the equation and results in better performance. Give yourself some time to learn how to breathe correctly during an intercourse. Unless you understand how to breathe correctly, you will never be able to avoid premature ejaculation. You should breathe slowly from your nose, as it not only helps you remain calm in mind but in body as well. Another thing is that if you make a conscious effort to breathe properly, it will take your focus slightly away from the act of lovemaking. This in turn will improve your stamina and help you last longer in bed. Yoga and other meditation techniques may help you master the art of breathing properly.

Good diet is very important as it improves your overall health and keeps the accumulation of fat to its minimum. If fat levels go up in the body, this adversely affects the sexual performance of a man and lasting longer in bed becomes quite difficult for him.

Due to premature ejaculation disorder, a man becomes the victim of various psychological problems like low self-confidence, anxiety, stress, obsessive compulsive disorder and a few more as well. Therefore, it is important that you start by trying some home remedies and pay a visit to your doctor if there is no improvement in your performance.

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Much of the sexual pleasure enjoyed by two people comes with the experience and knowledge of understanding what the other finds most exciting. This is so with stimulating the different parts of the body, as well as the various positions that one indulges in.

With practice you will know which positions drive her wild. Each of the following positions will give her mind blowing orgasms that will bring her back to you over and over again.

Cowgirl Position. In this position you lie flat on your back and allow her to sit on you facing you. She is in total control of her movements and rhythm. She positions herself so that your penis is at her g spot and gets stimulated according to her rhythm of movement.

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Another interesting position is in which you both are seated on a chair and she is in complete control of the stimulation. She places herself on you with your penis within her and faces the same side as you. Again she is master of the situation and moves to suit her needs.

Man from behind. The man from behind style is a highly exciting position for most couples. Here you are in control of the movements though she can make her contribution to facilitate the stimulation. All that she needs to do is position herself in such a manner that your penis rubs her g spot and stimulates it with each thrust of yours.

Yet another highly exciting position is with the girl lying on the bed with her legs off the bed and the hips resting on the edge of the bed. You will need to penetrate her in standing position while you hold her legs up against your shoulders or perhaps wrapped round you at the neck. She can also add to the movements to keep up the rhythm.

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Women might not say it out loud in public (for fear of being labelled a slut) but the truth is that they love the idea of NAUGHTY SEX. In fact, every emotionally healthy woman wants nothing more than to get really dirty with her man in the bedroom and do things considered TABOO.

So if you want to give your woman the kind of sex she really craves, read on now and use some or all of these ideas...

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1. Watch Yourselves 'Doing It'

There's something very exciting about watching yourself have sex with your woman.

To do this use a MIRROR.

Your woman will get really turned on by it.

2. Get The Video Camera Out

If your woman likes the mirror, why not go one better and get the video camera out and make a 'home movie'.

This is guaranteed to result in the kind of naughty sex your woman really wants.

3. Show Her How You Masturbate

Many women don't like the idea of their men masturbating because it makes them feel like they aren't satisfying him.

However, if you masturbate in front of her -- it's going to get her very excited.

And she may return the favor and put on a show for you.

4. The Best Way To Do It 'Doggy-Style'

If you want a sex position that's naughty, dirty and more than a little taboo, try this...

Do it doggy-style and as you do so grab your woman's hair in your hand.


Then use the thumb of your free hand to stimulate her anus.

This will drive her crazy.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

5. Use Your Voice

You don't have to just talk dirty during doggy-style.

If you want to give your woman incredible sex and mind-blowing orgasms -- you should be TALKING DIRTY every time you have sex.

6. Show Her Your 'Load'

For a woman -- it's very exciting when her man comes.

It gives her a sense of accomplishment.

So instead of always blowing your load inside her, try pulling out and coming on her ass, breasts or face.

It's naughty, it's dirty and she'll love it.

7. Leave Her Clothes On

YES, getting naked is fun.

But you don't always have to be naked during sex.

In fact, sometimes it's fun to leave (most) of her clothes on.

If she's wearing a skirt, just hitch it up, take her knickers off and have sex like that.

8. Show Her You're The Boss

Most women are sexually submissive.

This means that they want their man to TAKE CONTROL in bed.

Try lightly pinning your woman's arms above her head during missionary position.

Or hold one of her arms behind her back during doggy-style.

This way she'll know you're in control and this will increase her excitement.

9. Build Her Anticipation

Most guys rush sex and this annoys women.

So try building her anticipation by teasing her.

Tease her until she really wants it. Then tease her some more. Give her what she wants when you are ready -- it'll drive her crazy.

10. Give Her An Anal Orgasm

"YES", really -- this is entirely possible.

You put your middle finger in her ass and stimulate her g-spot until she comes.

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Deadly Sex Tip #1: Catch her off-guard. If you can catch a girl off-guard, you can get the power to make her desire you much more in a sexual sense. On the other hand, following the same old routines over and over again will simply send you into a world of sexual repetition and boredom.

If you do not mind trying out an unconventional method to get what you want, try doing the deed in public! Start off at home - in your garden, for example. If you do not like the thought of having sex in extremely public places, this could be the ideal location for you to start.

Deadly Sex Tip #2: Try to be spontaneous often. Make your love life sizzle by pretending like you had never had sex with a girl that you had actually already had sex with before. If you can bring back the feelings that you experienced during the time you first had sexual intercourse with this girl, try to bring those feelings back and bring the fire and sizzle back into your lives at the same time.

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Deadly Sex Tip #3: Make her thoughts go wild. Turn on your girl by making her thoughts go absolutely wild. Try playing sex games together, for example, to turn on your sexual brains and get into the right mood.

One other tip you could look into is reading sexual anecdotes and erotic books to one another. After you do, talk about the deepest and darkest sexual fantasies you have and surprise each other with the things you might not have ever imagined about one another.

Deadly Sex Tip #4: Learn where to touch her. Each girl has specific areas within her body, which have the power to bring about some intense pleasures like no other. Learn where these spots are on your girl!

If you want to find out about these spots on your girl just by touching her, simply remember the areas that make her moan a little louder compared to her other areas. Then, concentrate on these particular areas in order to make her burst in ultimate sexual pleasure.

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