In Vedic Astrology, Sade Sati is a 7 ½ year period of Saturn in the zodiac sign of an individual.

Saturn or Shani is the Lord of Karma and Justice. He gives right justice to all by dispensing the effects of one`s good and bad karmas of past lifetimes. This period brings a lot of hardships and challenges with hard lessons to the native. To alleviate suffering during this period owing to sins of past births, there are simple remedies that can be followed at home. However, remedies should be performed with devotion, consistency, and faith in Divine for beneficial results.

Simple Sade Sate Remedies: For alleviation of suffering
Worship: Worship Lord Shiva every Saturday. Offer milk to Shiva lingam on Saturday.

Worship Hanuman at home by lighting a lamp before a picture of Hanuman carrying the Sanjeevani Mountain in hand. Sacred texts say that this picture of Hanuman is highly beneficial to reduce problems during Sade sati period.

Lighting lamps: Light a mustard oil lamp under a peepal tree on Saturday evening. Light a lamp of til oil to Shani in a temple nearby on Saturday.

Recitation: Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day after bath for its powerful effects to reduce hardships in this period. Recite Mahamritunjay mantra 108 times to gain relief.

Feeding: Feed crows, black dogs, cows, beggars’ everyday if possible. Feed a black dog with chapatti on Saturday. Feed grass to a black cow and buffalo.

Donation: Donate food on Saturday to poor people. Black lentil, black sesame, black cloth, black shoes money should be donated on Saturday.

Horse Shoe: You can hang a horse shoe at the entrance of your house above the main door.

Fasting: Observance of vrat on Saturday is said to yield good results and it attracts blessings of Saturn.

Abstention: Avoid non-vegetarian food and liquor. Do not get into arguments, avoid harsh words. Silence is the golden rule during this period. Do not buy black clothes, oil, leather items, items made of iron or steel, broomsticks on a Saturday. Do not wear black clothes on Saturday. Do not indulge in bad karmas or sinful deeds.

Rituals: Performance of fire rituals, regular pooja, worship of Saturn Yantra helps in mitigation of problems.For More information about

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