Indigenous treatment of diabetes: - Most of the people in the whole world are effect due to major diseases, more than 570 million people in India have diabetes and more than 30 million will be in the next few years, every 2 minutes a man dies due to diabetes. Diabetes is a dangerous disease.

In this disease, blood glucose level is increased, and it damage to eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain and heart in these patients, the risk of their serious, complex, fatal disease increases. And the treatment of this disease can be very difficult, but it can be some easy treatment available.

Such ayurvedic medicines can easily treat the diabetics indigenously. There are many problems come for diabetic patients. Due to which there are many problems in treating it. But for the patients of diabetes, boon is the juice of the seed of Blackberrya, such things are done at home, when the name of the jaman is heard, water comes in the mouth.

Home remedy for diabetes

It is a very tasty fruit that is used to cure many diseases because it has no side effects, so this is the best treatment. And as much as Tasty fruit is available in Jamjuna, the same is its health benefits. Blackberry is a better and useful thing for diabetic patients.

Not only berries, the seeds of Blackberry seeds are equally beneficial. Blackberry seeds are used in various alternative therapies. Ayurvedic medicines can easily treat the diabetics indigenously. Ayurveda has many easy ways to control diabetes so that diabetes can be easily treated.

They should also use medicines without any medication. Not only India, seeds of Blackberrya are used for diseases of digestion in Greek and Chinese medicines. Its leaves and bark are used to control blood sugar and inflammation of gingival gingivitis.

Ayurvedic medicine of diabetes

This is a better source of vitamin A and C. And because of this, it is the best medicine and medicine to treat diabetes. Blackberry is a very small fruit but it has many benefits which make you physically and mentally strong. And after eating the Blackberry, you would throw his kernels.

But it is very important for you to know one thing that every fruit seed produces its tree, hence its seeds have more benefits than fruits, so the Blackberrys do not throw their seeds after eating. Make its seeds dry in the sun well and when the seeds dry or dry, then make powder of these dried seeds.

Diabetes medicines

To make this powder, you have to follow some steps which are as follows. After eating Blackberry, wash the seeds thoroughly. Then dry them in the sun. After drying, remove the top peel. And when you take out the inside part, then this seed will look something like pistachios.

You can also make thin powder with peeled. And take care of the most important thing that after the drying of the berries the seeds get stronger. Therefore, medicines can damage the blades of the mix. Therefore, before grinding the seeds, make small pieces before they grind. Place the powder in a container and eat one teaspoon of empty stomach in the morning.

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