Humanity faced a big problem last year in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, most of the people were forced to stay at home. These years can be regarded as one of the worst years ever. There are several reasons for it for instance the increase in dog theft. People tried to improve their home security by contacting a locksmith near me but to no avail.

Due to the pandemic, most people are stuck at home. They can’t leave their properties and have to spend all their time alone in their homes. Because of this people started adopting pets. People adopted pets thinking that the pets will take up their time and their time in lockdown will pass easily. However, the criminals understood this and decided to take advantage of the situation.

The demand for dogs has been on the rise during the pandemic. Due to this, the criminals started kidnapping dogs from private properties. According to several statistics the crime ratio in the UK increased by almost 250%, a big chunk of this has been the theft of dogs.

The criminals are in the society to capitalize on the weak points. Due to the increase in demand for dogs, the price of dogs and puppies increased several folds. The criminals saw an opportunity to capitalize and that’s what they did. The danger of pet theft was high during the lockdown. However, now people have started going back to their work.

This means that the dogs will be at home all alone and at a higher risk. Due to this diamond locksmith has come up with some security tips. Implementing them will improve the security of your home. Moreover, they will ensure that your furry friends remain safe. All you need to do is call a locksmith near me and follow these home security tips.

Invest in outside security lighting

The darkness is the best place for criminals to carry out their activities. They wait until dark and then come out of the shadows to harm the property owners. As you are going back to work, so, chances are you are not going to come back early. You will come back from work when it is dark. So, we suggest that you install some automatic lights on your property.

These lights come with a sensor. Whenever they detect a movement, they automatically turn it on. So, this will keep the area around your house well-lit. This in turn will help protect your furry friends.

Install CCTV

When a locksmith near me talks about a CCTV system, he doesn’t mean a top-range camera system. You don’t need a state-of-the-art security system to protect your home. All you need to do is get two small cameras. Install one at the front of the house and the other at the back. This will make sure to keep the burglars away as they fear getting caught.

Upgrade your locks

It is very important that you get some good locks for your home. Most people still use traditional locks. The backdrop of using them is that they are easy to break. The burglars pick these locks in a few seconds and within a minute they will be gone with your furry friend if you don’t use good locks.

Shut and lock your windows

Ever since the pandemic, people have forgotten to close the windows. In pandemics, it was important to keep them open for ventilation purposes. However, make sure to properly close and lock them before leaving the property. the burglars can easily open a window even if it remains open a tiny inch.

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