The advice of a professional makes sense, at the time of putting our property for sale. The point is that you can increase the value of an apartment and also reduce sales time. How to know what part of that information will help me and which will harm me?

If you want to improve the process of selling a home, you must put your house on stage. For the best home staging London contact with DesRes London today by call at 07775 872 142

Home Staging is one of those tools that, well worked, has a direct and immediate effect on the results you will get when selling your flat.

We will give you a series of guidelines:

-Houses and empty apartments

It is almost magical to see how these guidelines influence buyers.

Best pictures

More than 80% of your visitors will see your apartment for the first time on the Internet. It seems important to work so that the first impression is good.

Hundreds of apartments are published daily on real estate portals, so attracting attention to your ad becomes essential.

The way to get it is through photography and having the home ready will help the photographer to get amazing photos.

More calls

After carrying out a staging, a home receives an average of 25% more calls, thus increasing the chances of finding the right buyer.

Best visits

After the potential buyer has seen the ad on the internet and decides to call, it is time to visit. It will be at that time that we can take advantage of all the work done.

A positive experience will help you decide on your flat and that its offer is superior.

Reductions of between 20% and 40% in the time of sale are possible.

Checked! Home Staging helps sell a flat

Home Staging is a technique used for many years and with proven results.

Real estate professionals, hotels or tourist apartments are some of the professionals who use it to increase the results of their sales.

Why not take advantage of this experience and do it too?

If you are selling your apartment as a private individual, or you are working with an agency and do not see results, contact DesRes London today and you will see the difference.

The natural light will give the house a nice and bright appearance, so DesRes London must take advantage of the maximum natural light. We must check that all the bulbs in the housework correctly.

On the other hand, you have to dig with any bad smell that the house could present. From the smell of tobacco or pets, to smells from drains, from the kitchen or from garbage that has not been taken out. If necessary, DesRes London can use a mild fragrance air freshener.


As you have seen, it is not that selling a flat or a house is difficult. It is about carrying out each of the steps I have described in the best way and as quickly as possible.

Our way of working allows us to devote a lot of time to each home we have for sale. Each of us manages a limited number of properties by allocating a greater amount of resources to each one.

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