How can you possibly advance up the ladder of success, if your time and talents are spent chipping dried Cheerios off the kitchen table?

On those days when all you have done is clean and tidy your home, don’t you find yourself thinking –is this really all you are good for? What about your ambitions? How can you be success in life with all this housework to do?

If you are even remotely ambitious, yes have some domestic duties, you can probably relate. It is easy to view any housework, as the antithesis of career success.

Firstly, there is the obvious connection highlighted in the practice of feng shui. Eastern cultures have long believed in a correlation between the state of the career section of your home and your success in the workplace. In feng shui terms, clutter ad grime are bad chi (energy) which can negatively influence your life, even beyond the home. Luckily, though, the reverse is true. Encouraging good, healthy chi in your home (i.e keeping it clean and tidy), can actively energize all areas of your life – including your career.

Renowned feng shui expert, Lillian Too, states, ‘Good feng shui expands your career, presents opportunities for promotion and helps to attract mentor and other patrons who can improve your prospects’.

So, if you yearn for fame and fortune, you could do worse then have you’re a tidy up in your home. But then, why stop there? Your health and relationships can also impact your career success, so you could benefit from ensuring these areas (east) are well-kept too. If you would like to add financial success to the mix, you will need to spruce up your Southeast sectors. And if your ambition is to marry well, get scrubbing in your southwest quarters!

If you are open to these ideas, they can serve as powerful motivation to keep on top of your domestic chores. When knowing you ought to do the work is not enough to get your through it, picturing the advantages of good chi can be a much more effective incentive.

Sandy Foster offers the following explanation on her website: “The Universe abhors a vacuum. Create a space for your prosperity and it will be filled. Get rid of the clutter in your life – the books you do not read, the paperwork in your drawers, the old clothes that don’t fit, the boxes of junk in the garage. When you clean out the old you make room for the new – so start creating that space for abundance today.”

Make room for the things you have worked for, prayed for and so strongly desire. – Catherine Ponder

It is true that the direct connection between housework and a blossoming career may not always be clean – in fact you may never know which results arose from your domestic efforts. But in opting to keep your home well, you are erring on the side of success. If there are invisible forces at work – wouldn't you rather have them working in your favor?

So, if you set any store by the power of unseen energies, you will give your career a considerable boos by making peace with your dramatic demons. If you need help with home furniture removals in Melbourne call experts. But feng shui advocates are not the only ones to suggest that your housekeeping habits can impact your lot in life. In her book, Women and Money, finance expert Suze Orman is emphatic about the link between a tidy, orderly home and the state of your finances. According to her, good housekeeping is not just a precursor to career success – but a prerequisite. This article was inspired by a book called “House Blues”- written by an amazing author Danielle Raine. You definitely need to read it, you can learn great stuff from this book.

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