So, you haven’t achieved the level of home based business success you have been hoping for. Should you quit? Sure! Why not! I mean, you bought all those products and they didn’t work for you. You haven’t put your website up because you’re still not sure how to drive traffic. You tried marketing on Twitter but no-one clicks on your affiliate link. You signed up for 5 Network Marketing programs and none of them have earned you a dime! Time to give up!

The home based business success products you purchased said you’ll earn so much money in a week or you can drive thousands of visitors to your website… and neither of those have happened. You opened the box up (or read the pdf file that comes with it), watched a few video tutorials, and even tried it for a week. But even after a whole week; not a penny. What a scam that product was, am I right?

You’ve spent so much time reading up on traffic driving tactics, how to write blogs, article marketing, affiliate marketing, and how everyone is so successful at these strategies! They haven’t worked for you, right? I mean, you don’t even have a website yet. How could you? There’s so much to read that you don’t know where to begin! How can anyone expect to achieve home based business success in this type of environment?

You signed up to be an affiliate to multiple programs. They’re free to join! So you signed up to Twitter and Facebook and marketed the heck out of your affiliate link. But sadly, no one clicked on them! You wrote on your own wall 20 times a day with the link and must’ve tweeted the same link 50 times! How can no one click on it and why don’t more people follow you? This thing isn’t working, right? This affiliate program must have low conversion rates or something!

I’m sure you’re in a Network Marketing membership, whether it’s a paid membership or not. They said you can make a ton of money being in one. You called all your friend and family, excited about this new opportunity, and no one joined. They said it was a scam! It must be because no one signed up to it! Maybe you’ve even tried more than one program and none of them work!

Maybe it is time to just give up making money online. You tried those products for a week, sent out your affiliate links, and even signed up to be a member of different programs. Nothing worked! It seems like the “home based business success dream” is turning out to be more of a nightmare than anything else.

Or what you could do… is quit making excuses, follow through on every product you bought (and actually implement it), and learn how to effectively use social media (which I can assure you is not spamming the heck out of people who follow you). Maybe you could get a mentor or a coach. Someone who has been in your shoes and can tell you what path to follow.

Is it time to give up? No. It’s time to get going. You’re so fired up to quit, why don’t you get fired up to start achieving the home based business success you deserve and desire?

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Devon Brown (a.k.a "The Success Renegade") is one of the most talented young success coaches in the mlm & home business arena. His powerful information is helping home business entrepreneurs finally achieve the success they deserve and desire. Learn more about Devon and take advantage his FREE Tips on how to have a Successful Home Business by visiting: