OK boys and girls, here it is. The advice in this particular lesson may seem a little bit "hokey" but trust me when I tell you...IT WORKS!

I'm not going to go over the importance of having goals; my guess is that if you've made it this far then you already know how important goals are. But what I would like to talk about is HOW to set your goals.

There are a few specific things you must do if you want to reach your goals as fast as humanly possible; here they are.

First, you MUST set realistic goals! The single biggest mistake that most people make is that they set unrealistic goals. If you've never made a dime in a home based business, then the chances of you making $10,000 in your first or second month is not very realistic. If however, you made $7,000 in your home business last month and you want to try to up that to $10,000 in the next 30-60 days; then that IS realistic. A common piece of advice I give is to add up all of your monthly bills, (usually this is around $2000 to $3000). If this amount represents you, then it may be a good goal to try to make enough to cover your monthly expenses in 90 - 120 days.

Second, you must write down your goals at least 3 times a week (preferably once a day) and you must write them in first person present tense. Meaning that instead of writing: "I want to make $5,000/month", you instead write: "I earn $5,000/month by May 22nd (or whatever date). Writing your goals "as if" they are already in existence will help you reach your goal much faster. If, for example, you want to reach a certain weight, then write: "I weigh X pounds" as opposed to: "I want to weight X pounds".

Third, focus intensely on your goals for 15 minutes first thing in the morning and again right before you go to bed. These 2 times of day are the MOST powerful time of day for you to focus on your goals. Simply take the paper you've written your goals on and imagine in your mind that you've already achieved the goals you've written down. See yourself driving your new Mercedes. Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and admiring your new body. Feel what it's like to go to the mailbox and get that $10,000 check from your home business opportunity. Focusing on your goals in this manner will help you manifest the results much more quickly than just writing them down and then hoping.

Fourth, you need to be grateful and happy AS IF you've already received that which you desire. I already alluded to this earlier when I said to "imagine yourself in a new car". Go ahead and imagine that now. How does it make you feel? No doubt a smile comes to your face when you see yourself with the thing that you desire. Remember this feeling of happiness and gratefulness and do your best to feel it on a daily basis. To take this a step further, you can even put the following phrase at the beginning when writing your goals: "I am so happy and grateful that....." then fill in the rest with your goal.

If you are serious about reaching your goals then you will take this information to heart and do EXACTLY what I'm saying on a CONSISTENT basis. As with everything else in life, you will not see any results UNLESS you do it consistently. Goal setting is an integral part of you achieving the success you deserve and desire. But you must do it properly if you want it to work for you.

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