Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats
are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution,
poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to
a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar
to those experienced by humans.

These days, emotional and psychological problems like depression,
anxiety, ADHD and behavioral problems are just as prevalent
in pets
as they are in their owners. Similarly, physical ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders,
cystitis, kidney and liver disease, skin disorders, obesity,
thyroid dysfunction and other problems are becoming more and
more common in domesticated animals.

Many, if not most of these conditions can be prevented by
helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle. For pets already
suffering from existing conditions, a combination of lifestyle
changes and natural medicine can work wonders!

While it has its place, conventional medicine for animals
and 'modern technology' have failed our pets in many ways.

to pet expert and author CJ Puotinen, most holistic veterinarians
and animal health care professions list annual vaccinations
and commercial pet foods as the major contributory cause in
the rising rates of chronic illness in pets today.

Similarly, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, respected author and
renowned animal breeder, points out that contrary to the belief
that mass vaccination and antibiotic use will contribute to
a decrease in disease, the opposite has in fact proved true.
Like their human counterparts, today's pets are becoming more
and more vulnerable to chronic disease and ill health.

This has led many veterinarians to search for alternatives and to espouse more holistic methods of keeping our pets healthy.

Do herbal and homeopathic remedies work

on pets?

"In the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs to help them when they are ill or undernourished. In fact, Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine, respected dogs very highly for their ability to seek out and eat medicinal herbs in the wild. This ability is shared by other animals, including cats. We are coming to realize that nature often has the answers - but animals have always known this! Natural medicine can help your pet just as it can help you. While there is always a place for conventional veterinary medicine, natural medicine can compliment conventional veterinary care and in many cases cure your pets just as well - without the side effects and damage to health that can accompany synthetic drugs and antibiotics. I have applied the same care and research that have gone into our Native Remedies range for adults and children to the development of pet-friendly, safe and effective natural remedies for animals. As always, all remedies are formulated to the highest therapeutic standards and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical conditions for your peace of mind and the well being of your pets. " Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist.

"When a veterinary surgeon practices the use of homeopathic medicine and is
asked why he does so, he may give one of several answers. The simple answer
would be that the results are good, an emphatic answer would be that homeopathic
treatment has no unpleasant or dangerous side effects, while still achieving
successful results.

The PetAlive Homeopathic range has been formulated
with this knowledge and is specifically designed to treat your
pet in a holistic and natural manner."

Dr. Glenn Ferguson

M-Tech Homeopathy

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

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Author's Bio: 

Tania has been involved with Natural Health issues for the last 10 years and believes that pets can benefit from these homeopathic and herbal remedies.