There is a direct connection between wealth, defined in The One Penny Millionaire!™ as "an increase in anything that is important to you" and "honesty." This connection, when practiced, will serve to increase your wealth. But honesty about what? How about everything!

Being honest about where you are, emotionally, physically, and financially, will build a solid platform which you can then launch your new ventures off from, regardless of what those ventures may be: a new relationship, new investments, new family life, new career, new cash flow, it does not matter. Without that solid platform, successfully launching your rockets of desire will be like watching a man trying to get fireworks go off when they're embedded in a pool of Jell-O. Nothing much happens but some smoke and sound, with no satisfactory results occurring at all. But we do this. We fool ourselves into seamlessly believing what comes from our minds and mouths, and then acting upon these lies, have the unrealistic expectation that the actions we take in reaction to them will be effective.

What lies? The lies our mind tells us when it informs us through thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that all generate judgments, that somehow we or someone else is wrong. That we have either failed or screwed up, and there's nothing we can do about just about anything. That we have no power, when we are in fact, very powerful. Indicators of this mindset being set into motion are any complaints at all, judgments, and the ever present extremely believable "Well, that's just the way life is." When in honesty, there is no permanent "way life is," not in a Universe where change is the one constant. This mindset is what all the affirmation and visualization work is poised to combat. But when we combat anything what happens? It immediately seeks to reinforce itself, and that would include the negative thought machinery of our own minds. So how do we relate to our ego in a way that works to have us honestly be successful? This is how: we let it be what it is, and then choose to practice something else.

For instance, what does it mean to think a doubtful thought, such as "Money is hard to come by?" Or to have the more subtle feelings of poverty that come along with such thoughts, sometimes without words? What that means is this: To have a thought that money is hard to come by and to have subtle feelings of poverty that come along with such thoughts: and that's it. We spend so much time trying to disprove and deny our negative thoughts, that this training splits our energy, with one half devoted to all the actions and thoughts that say "yes" and the other half of our energy devoted to all the actions and thoughts that say "no." This process automatically has all the energy we have available for anything, totally misaligned away from the direction of our success. If we're using up all our energy in this Phyrrhic battle, what energy do we have left for honest success?

Instead, if we take our negative thoughts and emotions and be honest about them, this requires no energy at all. In this practice, that of giving no more meaning to that which has no meaning to begin with, we can then choose to devote our energy toward our success. It goes like this: "Oh, I'm mad right now? What does that mean? It means that I'm mad right now. Oh, I'm having a negative thought right now? Imagine that! What does it mean? It means that I'm having a negative thought right now." Nothing more, nothing less. Because the truth is, when you are mad, you are mad, and when you have a negative thought, you do have a negative thought. What could be more simple than this? And it's only when we value add to this reactive system of negativity that we waste our energy, and misalign it. But when we're honest, and tell the truth about where we are at emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially, it frees our energy up.

The most important aspect of this practice, and a practice it is, because you have to do this no more meaning making process over, and over, and over, and over, again, and yes, for the rest of your life, is to make certain before you begin it, that you have chosen the direction you desire all this newly freed energy to go in. What is your choice for success? What things do you desire to accomplish? What is your Life Purpose? Get very clear on these details of your life first, so that no other forces other than you will decide just what your newly freed up energy is going to be devoted to. In this way, no other person, thought, feeling, institution, or energy, will decide what your energy is going to be aligned with. And this redirection of our energy from outside sources happens all the time, as much as such redirection from our own internal misguided thoughts happens. A more detailed explanation and plan for success regarding this hard wiring of ours is presented in the online seminar I do with participants. Suffice it for now to simply be aware that it's important to decide what the purpose of your life is, and no one and no thing other than you can ever do that. There are a thousand books that will support you in so doing, as well as the seminar I present. The invitation here is to find at least one source and complete this Life Purpose process first.

In this honesty and success process, the direct connection between them happens only by our volitional choosing of success. Are you willing, then? Willing to have it all? Ask yourself this important question while you are taking up this Practice Of Honesty For Success, and all the time. Why? Because it will ferret out little points of resistance, and in the light of honesty, you can then mitigate their blocking effect. For instance, we all have a myriad amount of small beliefs regarding just about everything. If we realize what those beliefs are, then we can either say, "Yes, to that one!" or, "No, I'd rather have this one." In this way, by being honest about where we are at, truly, we have the highest statistical advantage for launching any of our new projects in a direction that is the most in alignment with our desires. The "most" in alignment, because no practice is perfect, and we really need to give ourselves a break and realize this truth. The point here, is to on a continual basis, get more and more of our total amount of energy going in our chosen directions, not to shove it all there all at once, which no one and no thing I have ever seen has ever been able to do. And that's the last part of this Practice Of Honesty For Success process.

This last part is to on a continual basis, day by day as you practice, and can see yourself heading toward your goal, regardless of what it is, tell yourself that for whatever you are feeling "It's okay to feel this way." Because it is the way you feel, whatever you are feeling is okay, because it's the way you feel! What other way could you feel in any one moment, other than the way you are feeling, and how could any way you are feeling be wrong? It's just the way you are feeling and that's it! By giving no more attention than honesty to that feeling, you support it in being exactly what it is, and nothing more, and in doing so, you devote no more energy to it. That's when your honesty for success really begins to take hold, and it will seem as if every little bit of action you do now works in such highly leveraged ways, that you can't imagine having lived in any other way before, the way of honesty and success!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ online seminar designed for your success.

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