Smoking is considered unacceptable by pretty much everyone these days. Well, considering how bad cigarettes actually are for you, and the same could be said for pipe tobacco, cigars and smokeless tobacco, this is understandable. But smoking especially is met with disdain due to the secondhand smoke, the trash it produces, the various smells on clothing and in the environment, there’s a lot of reason to want to get away from a cigarette habit if you have one.

This is why the vaping industry is so lucrative, and will continue to be well into the future. Vaping doesn’t work the same way, and is considerably less unhealthy. However, it isn’t the only graceful solution, as the very way it works was inspired in no small part by the hookah.

To money, a hookah is just an object often seen in exotic places in various adventure movies, most Western people don’t entirely understand what they are. Put simply, hookah tobacco, commonly called shisha, is a very moist, sometimes even pasty tobacco solution in fuse with flavoring. It doesn’t really burn, but is slowly roasted and vaporized by burning charcoal. This charcoal produces almost no smoke released into the ambient environment, nor is any smoke from it consumed by the users.

The sick, moist and very aromatic smoke produced by this roasting and evaporation is trapped in a chamber, and the tube did mouthpieces of users then pull the smoke for consumption from that chamber.

This has become a very popular way to enjoy social smoking in Western cultures in recent years, much as it long has been in the cultures which originated it. Thus, it’s not surprising that many former smokers have switched to portable vaping rigs for daily use, and a modern implementation of hookah technology while at home, and amongst friends whom also enjoy the experience.

This popularity has led to the West creating an entire family of hookahs and tobacco products that are very unique to Western culture, much less traditional than the middle Eastern and Arabian flavors and hookah designs which come to mind when you think about them.

Many of these don’t even use charcoal, using heating coils to either vaporize shisha, or even something similar to vape E-liquid, albeit not quite exactly identical to vape juice. It is designed to be moister and heavier, like the shisha it imitates, and there are even unique approaches that are something halfway between these two.

New pastes which work like shisha but may not even use actual tobacco, rather providing a nicotine alternative similar to what vape juice provides, have become very popular. These work in both electric and traditional charcoal hookahs alike, and there are all kinds of really unique flavors to try with these.

Your local vape shop is also your source for hookahs and hookah products, and will sell some of the most sought-after brands of both such as space smoke basic and space light mix.

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