The mind can manifest anything that you can imagine. This sounds great, but we aren't conscious of the millions of thoughts playing in the background of our mind, our unconscious mind. Unfortunately, we can't control these thoughts because we aren't aware of them.

In reality, while we are imagining, visualizing, and "controlling" two percent of our thoughts, the other 98 percent are playing in the background and possibly undermining the positive focus we're trying to create consciously. This might lead us to lose hope when we don't understand why things don't work out the way we want them.

We are the result of our thoughts. Of course! But again, which thoughts? The two percent we are aware of or the 98 percent we are not aware of? We may think we are in control, but unless we're letting go and giving permission to the part of us that knows what is perfect and right for us to bring it to us, we're totally controlled by the unconscious thoughts

Ho'oponopono calls this unconscious 98 percent "memories" or "old programs." Even when we think the process of mentally manifesting situations is working because we easily obtain something we imagined or visualized, in reality this is merely a manipulation of reality. And, if it isn't correct for us, it will disappear as quickly as it came.

It is true that we are powerful beyond measure. We are creators, and we create with our thoughts. This is very important to know. However, it's also important to know that we don't fully know who we are. We really don't know everything we are thinking, and what is worse, we don't know that we don't know.
Since you have created and attracted everything that comes to your life, both good and bad, taking 100 percent responsibility is a must. There is nothing outside yourself. It's just you and your thoughts. If you want something to change, you need to change.

All human beings are influenced by the same forces and laws. We use the same energy, and we use the same oxygen to breathe. It doesn't matter if you have money or not. If you are a professional or not or how many university degrees you possess.

The basic law that affects all of us is that we must take 100 percent of the responsibility and know that everything depends on the choices we make. Since we are always choosing, we must choose whether we prefer to let go and let the universe (God) bring us what is perfect for us. Or continue believing that we know it all and can solve everything by ourselves.

"Hold on to your desires. Do whatever is necessary to feel that your desires have already manifested." These statements are partially the result of thinking we know it all. Because we think we know, we tend to give orders. We tell God what, how and when we want it. We treat him as a concierge. How do we know what is right and perfect for us? The truth is we just need to give God permission, and then allow him to do the work. Try it and you'll be amazed by the results.

When you do whatever is necessary (forcing, manipulating) to feel that your desire has manifested, your unconscious is somewhere else. We need to treat our unconscious with love, and ask it to let go.

Being happy is the short cut to getting where you want to go faster. I used to tell my kids, "Your job is to be happy." Have you ever noticed that, when you are happy, good things "happen to you" and "come to you' miraculously?

This is possible because, when you're happy you're usually not thinking or worrying! In this state, you're open and flexible. You stop being an obstacle in your own way, and you allow for whatever is right and perfect to come to you.

Usually when you're feeling good, you attract good things. When you're feeling bad, you attract bad things. But I've found that sometimes I may be feeling good, and still don't know why I'm not attracting good things into my life. What is the contradiction here?

Ho'oponopono teaches us that this is caused either by the million unconscious thoughts running in my head or that I'm asking for something that I consciously think is "good" but that's truly not right for me. My unconscious knows better.

-Ho'oponopono is the cheek of love. "Show the other cheek."
-Ho'oponopono is to ask. "Knock, and the door will open."
-Ho'oponopono is being kids again. "We need to be children to enter the Kingdom of the Lord."
-Ho'oponopono is to let go and let God. "What you resist persists."
-Ho'oponopono is giving permission. "Ask, and you shall receive."
-Ho'oponopono is about loving your enemies. "Thank you to all my memories and old programs."

You are the only one who can change your life.

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