There it is, that four letter word that means so much too so many. Hope is such a strong word, just like the word help. To get a better understanding of the word hope we have to research what it means to others. When you lose all hope, you feel despair. When you are in despair you are in such a dark place emotionally. And when you feel hope it’s like someone turned on all the lights and drew the curtains back and opened all the shades. Hope is the dawn of a brand new day. Now that you can understand the difference let’s apply it to real life circumstances. Some of the scenes are not nice or not easy on the imagination but they ring true somewhere in this world.

To feel hope on any given day is to feel a bed underneath you instead of a cold floor. To feel hope on any given day is a hot meal instead of hunger pains. To feel hope on any given day is receiving a job offer when you are down to your just a quarter in your pocket. To feel hope on any given day is when you go to church and you know the sermon is about you and the congregation is praying for you. To feel hope again on any given day is when you receive a bag of food from the local food pantry for the holidays instead of bare cabinets. To feel hope again on any given day is when the test comes back and things finally look good and you can stop worrying. To feel hope again on any given day is getting out of bed when you just want to stay in it.

Yes, that tiny little word called hope does so much to so many. There are people all over the world who help give hope to others. They are the person who holds their hand out to help pick you off the ground. It’s that person that donates to the local food pantry. It’s the volunteer that walks in your hospital room to say hello. The person that gives you hope tells you to hang on when you feel like letting go. The person that gives you hope has walked in your shoes before and knows what it feels like. Someone that gives you hope has learned from someone who has given them hope.

That four letter word says to you, you can make it, you will make it, and you will help others after you make it. Hope is a word that breaths life back into you. Hope is everywhere, some days you have to look harder to find it. It’s always been there. So on your bad days, reach inside yourself and find your hope, hang on tight to it, and let it lead you to your positive destination.

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