The more we focus on what we don't want the more we attract it. We all know this is a Universal Law. Putting energy somewhere even when it is not positive will attract more of the same.

This law works in attracting love as well. Opening up to allowing a Beloved Partner to come in can be scary. When we really want something to happen, even when we have called it forth, the process of taking it back and grabbing it in our hands to give it one final kiss for good luck, is actually the kiss of death! Each time we bring back our vision to look at it one more time allows doubt to creep in. When we are in doubt we have no faith. A lack of faith is a form of sabotaging our desires and dreams.

We can co-create with God. Visualize, Let go, feel the energy of HOPE and miracles will manifest. Without Hope, however, in the process we cannot get what it is we desire.

When we visualize what we want, fill the vision with the energy of the joy you would have of having it (your desire), and let it go, we need to truly let it go. The Universe cannot bring us what we desire if we don't let go of it. Our human need to control puts our desires in a holding pattern. In other words they never materialize. This is why so many times we feel that God does not answer our prayers. We never realize that we continued to pull back the rocket of desire and look at it one more time, just to be sure. Each time we have a thought of doubt Learning to let go of our visions and manifestations will allow us to be successful. First, we have to learn to turn it loose and let it go.

Turn it loose and let it go! Your new mantra. Trust, Hope and Faith. Miracles will materialize. They happen every day, you just have to be open to receive them and notice when they show up.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an Author, Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist ECT energy healer and a Certified Relationship Coach.

The process of transforming her own life led her to write her autobiography. After dealing with illness, depression and negativity most of her life she realized that every illness she had was created from an emotional charge. She healed herself of Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr Syndrome and depression. This process led her to work with her clients sharing her process. Her expertise is in relationship and dating coaching.