This morning I was listening to a meditation program that addressed the ‘need’ for hope with everything that is going on in the world at this time. The host quoted Maya Angelo when she said, “Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” As I attempted to follow the ensuing meditation, my mind kept wondering off. I kept asking myself what ‘hope’ really meant and whether people actually believed that to hope empowered them.
My experience has been listening to people talk about ‘hope’ while at the same time really focusing their energy on the ‘what if’ or the ‘fear’ that they are attempting to ‘hope’ away. I am a true believer that our thoughts create our reality and that everything that happens, does so for a reason. That being said, if you are ‘hoping’ for something but at the same time you are worried or fearful, where is your power being propelled to?
Think about it this way. If you say to yourself, “I sure hope I don’t get that killer virus that’s going around.” You then have to ask yourself if you are actively taking care of yourself to prevent the virus or any other illness from making a home in your body? Or are you ‘hoping’ while really believing that it is inevitable that you will get sick?
I can promise you, if you believe that no matter what you do, you will get sick – you will. You have given away all your power along with the power that God bestowed to your body to maintain a natural health and to heal itself of anything. Why are you praying to God to be healed if you are unable to believe that it can happen or that no illness ever has to make a home in your body?
If you are a parent, your example will dictate what your child will grow up believing. Ask yourself, “What kind of life do you want for your child?” Do you want your child to feel empowered and in control of what happens in their life? Or do you want your child to fall victim to the fear that seems to be enveloping much of the world today?
This is a really good time to talk to your child and listen to their thoughts. Instead of telling them what they should believe, allow them the opportunity to decide that for themselves. Give them the tools they need to take care of the blessed body they came to this lifetime with. Offer them whole, healthy, organic (as often as you can) foods, fresh filtered water, and empowering messages based on what they see you do, what they hear you say, and how they experience your actions.
You have the power – and so do they. Recogize Your Authentic Child for the amazing spiritual being they truly are and allow them to show you how you can experience the same. Have a blessed day!
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Mary is the author of three self-published books, Recognizing the Greatness in Each Child – Because Learning Differently Doesn’t Mean Learning Disabled; Plants vs Pills - Natural Options for the Treatment of Childhood Diagnosed Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders; and un-Broken Children - Removing Labels Restoring Health & Wellness. She was one of the co-authors of the International Best-Seller, My Big Idea Book from Expert Insights Publishing. Mary is now working on her fourth non-fiction book, Parenting Consciously - Out of the Box Alternatives for Bringing Up Authentic Children. Her website is If you want to know more, feel free to email Mary at