What is a horoscope?
A Horoscope is an Astrological chart or diagram representing in it, the positions of the Sun, Moon, the planets and other astrological aspects. Also known as the birth chart or the natal chart of an individual, it serves as a map of the heavenly bodies over a specific location at a particular moment in time, which normally happens to be the place and time of birth of the person concerned. A horoscope is a unique karmic map that presents an opportunity for a person to know about his or her past and present, and also delve into the future.

What is horoscope matching?

There are quite a few important factors that make a human life worth living in this world. While, a crucial one among these factors is good affinity, it is the congenial relationship between a husband and wife, that counts the most for a satisfying life. Hence elders in India, who celebrate traditional marriages known as arranged marriages, attach great importance to the compatibility factor between the prospective bride and groom. Vedic Astrology has given the system for assessing this concord between the two, through the process of horoscope matching, where the birth charts of both are studied for their agreeability. This concept is based on Lunar Constellations and is known as Ashtakoot Milan or Guna Milap and focuses on the congruence of factors that influence a marriage. This Horoscope Matching will act as an indicator to show if the boy and the girl can make a good pair and lead a happy married life together.

What is the basic principle involved in horoscope matching?
Vedic Astrology lays down various parameters that are to be taken into consideration in this process of horoscope matching. These are classified into 8 groups or Gunas and are known as Ashtakoot. Each of these Gunas have numeric points attached to them, which total to 36 in all. While, matching of more points indicates higher compatibility, an agreement in a minimum of 18 points is required for going ahead with the marriage. This horoscope matching is done not only for marriage, but also in respect of career, business etc.

How Horoscope Matching (Kundali Matching) helps to find one’s future companion?
While horoscope matching is done fundamentally through the analysis of various important aspects of life, which include date of birth, zodiac signs and horoscope, different schools of thoughts remain regarding the processes to be followed. Hence, different systems like Numerology, Tarot card reading, Zodiac compatibility, Traditional Astrology or a combination of many, are adopted here, and accordingly, various practices are followed.
Apart from the traditional systems of assessment, modern scientific methodologies have also emerged and are being deployed to good effect for matching the outlooks, intrinsic qualities, personality traits etc. of the boy and the girl. These do provide valuable inputs on various vital aspects like physical and psychological compatibilities, adjustment and adaptability, views on important issues affecting life, short term and long term objectives, approach to financial matters and security, tendencies to stick together in times of adversities or separate etc., with good precision.

This assessing of marital compatibility by horoscope matching in combination with the present day techniques, helps in the all-important task of identifying the right match and life partner for entering into the bond of marriage. With the advantage of a sound, and advanced knowledge about the nature, personal characteristics, likes and dislikes etc. of the person with whom one will be spending the rest of his or her life, a person can step into the portals of a marital relationship with a confidence.

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Thus Horoscope Matching (Kundali Matching) serves a great purpose in identifying the right life partner, and thereby, in having an enjoyable marital relationship and blissful conjugal life.