Candidates, who aspire to kick start a career in hospitality management, have a host of career options to choose from. Tourism and hospitality are strong contributors to the global economy. Hotels, resorts and spas are always striving to provide their clientele superior services matching world-class standards. The hospitality industry offers candidates excellent career in management. Hospitality managers work towards meeting the expectations of guests.

Managerial Levels & Positions
Managerial responsibilities vary depending on the position you take up. You can join as an executive manager, an assistant manager or as a senior manager. Most of the time, it is the assistant managers and the executive managers who are promoted to senior level management positions in hotels and resorts on the basis of the skill sets they have and the year of experience the carry. Assistant managers are responsible for reporting to the executive managers who in turn report to the senior management.

Be Prepared to Work Long Hours
Managerial positions in the hospitality industry happen to both profitable and challenging. Hospitality managers need to put in a lot of effort in meeting the expectations of the clientele. They may need to work even at weekends and during holidays. In addition, you need to possess strong interpersonal skills to be successful in your management career. A n in-depth knowledge of business, administration, finance and travel and tourism industry are essential for becoming a successful hospitality manager.

Degree in Hospitality Management
Candidates should need to formally trained to function as hospitality management professionals. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in business administration, hotel management or a relevant field is required to acquire managerial positions in the hospitality industry. Candidates can also choose to obtain specialization degrees in subjects like culinary arts, public relations etc.

The coursework of a bachelor’s degree program will include the following –

Business administration
Hotel / resort management
Food and beverage management
Accounting and financial management
Marketing/ sales management
Human resource management

Apart from obtaining the degree via campus mode, students can also go for online courses and degree programs in hospitality management. Earning the hospitality management degree gives students a lot of flexibility and saves a lot of time and money. There are multiple professional schools and colleges across the United States offering management courses in this field. Students should remember to check out the necessary accreditations before they get enrolled in the degree program. Candidates will need to sharpen their written and verbal communication skills, team playing skills, conflict resolving skills and analytical skills to make the most of their careers.

Job Outlook for Hospitality Management Professionals
Though according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth is expected to be average, candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration or hospitality management will have enhanced employment opportunities. Jobs are available in corporate travel, business travel, boutique hotels, resorts, spas, regional tourism etc. Students can face tough competition for acquiring higher level hospitality management jobs.

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