HostGator is one of the most popular hosting providers. I don't think that I have to give you introduction of HostGator. Well, I'm experienced user of web hosting and that is the reason today I'm here to discuss about the pros and cons of HostGator.

Being a long user of HostGator I think I can discuss on it as long as I can but I'll put some of its important pros and cons in front of you.

No doubt! HostGator is one of the most trending web hosting companies but the fact that each product has it's plus and minus side so today you'll get know everything about this brand.

I think only developers or pro bloggers can tell you about the importance of fast web hosting. It doesn't matter if you are running a website for a company, brand or personal portfolio or website should be hosted on best hosting to enhance the quantity of visitors or eye balls.
Let's Suppose!

If you have a website, no matter what is niche or content but imagine your website having large number of eye balls and visitors when visit on your website but the web takes a lot of time to load then the visitor will close the tab instantly because of low speed, It can give bad impact
There are several reasons on which a website hosting can be judged, Let's discuss about the pros of HostGator;
Pros of HostGator Shared Hosting:

• The best thing I found in Hostgator is its pricing or renewal policy, Have you heard? If you are taking web hosting service then on renewal the price will not be stable or affordable but in Hostgator on renewal their price is too low and affordable. If you buy linux based web hosting from Hostgator for more than two years then the price will be lower than your regular price but your quality will not be distorted.

• Many folks gets recommendations about web hosting and I always recommend Hostgator only because of their good services and up-time. I've used 10+ top web hosting services but I can bet that Hostgator is the only web hosting service which never downs.

• Hostgator is only service which never creates issue on transfer. One more thing I remember is you don't need to wait for a long time to active your website for the first time. If you're transfering your data from Hostgator to another one then if you don't need to worry because Hostgator always assists their clients.

• I've never seen that Hostgator has anything limited. Everything regarding web hosting is unmetered. There aren't any restrictions by this amazing web hosting service.

• There are many hosting companies who aren't providing best cpanels or softwares to their customers, It is a fact It doesn't mean that every web hosting user is developer but cpanel of hostgator is full of features of softwares.

There are many pros of hostgator but as I've mentioned that every product or service has it's good or bad factors so for now I'm going to discuss some cons of hostgator.

Cons of HostGator Shared Hosting:

• One thing I've observed about Hostgator is that It is quite complex. I think nowadays because of quanity of users product or service can only be judged by its user friendly property but I'm sad for hostgator this time.

• Hostgator domains are quite expensive. Many users are blaming this company because they are selling domains expensive than other companies.

• Rumors are the other reasons for which this company is quite down or hated by many users. In some cases users are admitting that Hostgator has suspended their account without any reason. In some cases users are admitting that Hostgator has refunded their payment and domain.

So, Here are some reasons on which you can give conclusions about Hostgator;


• Before buying web hosting or any service from Hostgator or anyother company a user should read the terms and condition of the service. I think I'm not capable to say bad about any company because the cons aren't based on rumors.

• Price of hostgator shared hosting is quite lower than other services so I can conclude that Hostgator is best for those folks who are wandering for affordable and best web hosting service. Even though, for beginners, you don’t have enough budget to test-drive HostGator then here you can give HostGator a Free Trial for 30 days.

• Some of the web entrepreneurs revealed that the technology or the digital product can only be judged on the basis of their support so in that case Hostgator is on the top because personally If I praise about Hostgator then their support is the only reason for which they are in the top 10.

• Your website will never down if you have hosted on this shared hosting, even if your website is getting tons of eye balls your bandwidth will be unmetered.

• You will be provided with alot of features, modules and functionalities, Yes! Your cpanel will be full of scripts, php applications, pre-built tools, seo tools, ftp manager, email account manager and much more. I can say that the functionalities of hostgator shared hosting are uncountable and reliable.

• Hostgator is offering weekly backups. If you are a user of this amazing web hosting company than you can backup your work on the weekly basis and I think this is one of the best services I've never seen anywhere else.

• As you know that quality of domain hosting is based on it's security so that I'm here to tell you that Hostgator is secure service, It will provide you best SSL which protects your visitor's information and maintains your reputation. Well, other companies are offering free SSL. Basically folks aren't able to feel difference between premium SSL or free SSL that is the reason some companies are doing fraud but Hostgator is providing best SSL to their clients or customers. This is another plus point to their reputation.

• No matter If you're from any state, you can pay Hostgator because they have option of all international payment methods.

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