Does the notion of not getting hot water to annoy you? Though the water heater is one of the most reliable and durable appliances, issues can happen. For instance, incorrect installation can lead to water leaks. Moreover, excessive pressure on the water tank can also cause extensive damage to the water heater. It can be due to a damaged pressure relief valve or high water pressure. When the hot water tank is leaking, the best solution is to repair it as soon as possible.

How to Fix The Leaky Hot Water Tank?

When your hot water tank is leaking, you can adopt some DIY steps. It will require some basic plumbing tools. However, if you are not confident, calling in the experts is the better choice.

Turn off the water supply

If you really want to repair when the hot water tank is leaking, you must remember this step. Make sure that you switch off the water supply. Next, you also need to shut off the electric supply or the gas supply, depending on your water heater type.

Open the valve

After this, you must locate the valve that supplies water to the tank of the hot water system. When you find the valve, you must open it so that the water flows out of the tank. You can locate this valve beneath the tank. Be aware that there can be a huge mess due to the flushing of the water.

Disconnect the gas line or power wire

Now that the tank is empty, you must disconnect the lines that power it. For instance, if your hot water is a gas type, you need to turn off the flue pipe, gas line, and water lines. In the case of electric hot water systems, you must switch off the water lines and the power wires. After that, you can remove the heater from the area. It is a vital step when the hot water tank is leaking.

Install the new unit

Before you make any new installations, you must clean the area. Make sure that it is clear of dust and debris. After that, put in the new water heating system. Then, you must again reconnect the power wire or the gas line, depending on the type of water heater you have.
Note: If you have the gas water heater, make sure that you check for gas leakage. There are various ways that you can make the detection. If you have any doubts, get in touch with experienced gas fitters.

Turn on the water supply

The last step involves turning on the water supply once again. Then, you will need to turn the power or the gas line on. In the case of the gas water heater, make sure that you check the pilot light. Moreover, ensure that the thermostat is set at the desired temperature.
However, if you still see the hot water tank is leaking, it is time to get in touch with the professionals.

Unable To Fix The Leaking Hot Water Tank? Attain Expert Help Now!

There are various causes that can lead to the leaky hot water tank. It is advisable to opt for repairing when you observe that the hot water tank is leaking. For this, you can try some simple plumbing tips. However, if that does not fix the issue, you must get in touch with the experts.
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