Investors are forever on the lookout for the maximum returns for their investment. From the fairly mainstream equities and futures trading to others like realty and gold schemes, the savvy investor with scour the world in search of appreciation for their funds. Some of the hottest investment options in 2013 would be as follows:

1. Fixed deposits have earned a lot of flak for offering lower than average returns. However for this year, it is opined that the fixed deposit shall make a comeback. Fuelling this habit would be the opening up of the banking industry and going on to offer an investment rate that would be in the 9 to 10% range. Fixed deposits make great investment sense in the short-to-medium time frame.

2. Taxes saving schemes are going to be another popular option for investors looking to grow their funds in the New Year. The comparatively higher interest rates offered by tax saving schemes (than say, fixed deposits) is expected to contribute significantly to their adoption and investor participation is only set to increase.

3. The stock market has been on a climb all through last year, with the Sensex regularly breaching the previous best figures. In this scenario, direct investments in the stock market are bound to be a high risk activity. Many investors, especially those that are convinced of the shaky fundamentals behind this rise, would be wary of making a direct entry. If you are an investor who belongs to this line of thought, it would be best for you to take the mutual fund route. There are Mutual funds these days that can focus on select sections of the industry like the blue-chip, high-growth, mid-size market and so on… When selecting a mutual fund, it is prudent practice to select the one whose investment criteria is in sync with the individual investment goals.

4. Expert advice that ran through all of the previous year kept urging people to invest in gold. Historic data gathered over the past few decades all seem to be in support of this advice. However, given the recent rally in prices that saw rates breaching the Rs. 30000/ 10gm mark, a few doubts are being raised over the growth potential in the future. The one core aspect about gold investment is that it is a relatively safe option coupled with the possibility of securing handsome gains.

At the end of the day, whether one takes the gold investment route or something else, people must bear in mind to follow the golden rules of investing and always do their homework before parking their funds in any scheme or option.

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