The month of July 2010 saw a rise in the number of registrations to build new homes according to the National House Building Council. New home registrations peaked at 10,638 compared to 9,263 in June. Compare it to July of 2009 where 8,403 new homes were registered with the NHBC and it is obvious that house building is starting to increase. So now would be the ideal time to find the ideal building plots for sale in your area.

To put this in context for the quarter May-July 2010 30,771 registrations were received compared to 23,661 of the same period as last year. That is a 30% increase.

Imtiaz Farookhi, chief executive of NHBC, says that the new registrations are encouraging and a lot better than the depressing statistics last year but they are still below the long-term trend.

He states "Our figures seem to reflect what much of the housing sector is thinking-that too few homes are being built. Yet we know the UK needs more homes and it is vital that somehow the industry is able to deliver on those needs. The coming months will be crucial as we head towards the Chancellor's spending review and the very important autumn sales season for housing."

According to the National House Building Council's website some interesting statistics are:
1. Private sector registrations were up 38% (at 20,679) when compared with the same period last year (15,036)
2. Public sector registrations increased to 10,092, 17% higher than the same period last year (8,625)
3. Registrations in the combined public and private sectors were 30% up on the same period in 2009 (30,771 compared with 23,661)

The London had the largest number of registrations, with the South East of England not far behind. The North East was the lowest region of England to register new homes.

Therefore in a positive light house building is on the increase but it is still a way behind what was predicted before the country went into recession.

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