Fortune to father can be assessed from a child's chart by observing the 5th house of the child's birth chart in Vedic astrology.

The reason is 9th house of the child is that of the father according to Vedic astrology and bhagya (fortune) for father is 9th from the 9th which is the 5th.

Karaka for the 5th house is Jupiter, so the planet to be considered for fortune to father in a child's chart is Jupiter.

When the 9th, 5th house, their lords and Jupiter are strong, associated with benefics and not influenced by malefics, the native's father will be blessed with fortune during the dasa bhukti of significators of 5th.

Well it is 9th house but some school of thought consider it to be as 10th house and the logic is ,1st house is self and opposite to that 7th house is of spouse in same way 4th house is for mother so opposite of that which is the 10th house is for father.

In my opinion for better accuracy regarding the father both the 9th and 10th axis should be analysed.

Coming to the house of fortune,it is the 9th house which is to be seen.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer and motivational speaker having more than 15 years of experience.