Do you wish to know someone? Let’s play a game. The 21 questions game is one of the popular practice that helps an individual to know about a stranger. Also, the person won’t get offended as it is fun to play. You can easily plan a set of questionnaires on the basis of which each question will be asked. Also, it is important to choose a very friendly atmosphere for the questions. It can be either in a road trip or a dinner date with the person.

Way to avoid direct question
We normally feel shy or hesitate to ask a direct question to a person. We doubt either he or she will feel awkward or get embarrassed with the question. Thus, to avoid this situation, 21 questions game is a great approach. This is very usual when you have a doubt on another person about his/ her feeling towards you. But you cannot ask it directly. You also fear that either the person will deny or become offended. Thus, it is always better to avoid such direct question.

List of 21 questions
Before starting the game it is always important to make a list of such questions. Further you need to categorize. It is just because the questions that you are going to ask a girl is different than the one that you wish to ask a boy.
List of questions to be asked to a girl
Let us make a list on the list of questions needed for a girl.
1. What makes you laugh suddenly?
2. I will give you 3 words to define yourself. Go ahead
3. What makes you feel overrated? Is it the influence of the mass?
4. Do you want to spend your holidays in beach or mountains?
5. Suddenly you are asked to jump into a pool but you can aim for particular thing or things inside the pool. What is it that you expect?
6. Who is the person on whom you had your crush?
7. Was there any animated character on which you had crush?
8. Which is or are the habits that you wish to change?
9. Are you proud of any of your habits? What is that?
10. Do you love animals? If at all you need to domesticate an animal, which is the animal that you will prefer?
List of questions to be asked to a boy
Let us find out the list of questions that is suitable for the boys while playing 21 questions game. Following is the list:
11. What do you think about marriage? Do you believe in live in relationship?
12. How can you describe yourself?
13. When did your last relationship end?
14. With how many girls have you carried on with the activity of dating?
15. How many girls have ditched you till date?
16. Which is the happiest moment in your life?
17. How do you cope up with the stress?
18. Are you guilty of anything in life? What is that?
19. Which move make you move all the time?
20. Which birthday party of yours was memorable?
21. Are you impulsive or stay steady during crisis?
The above mentioned 21 questions game can make your task easy as and when you require to find out something from others.

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The 21 questions game is one of the popular practice that helps an individual to know about a stranger.