I happen to connect with a woman who is 102-years-old. She’s in great health and walks, works out, and does everything for herself— Amazing!

Her Philosophy About Life

1 - I Do It Anyway!

At 102 years old she does sit-ups, pushups, and many more exercises daily and she looks great and feels great, and she is a health nut who eats only organic. And she said the key to a happy long life was getting up and doing what you need to do no matter what. She also said, “Many times I don’t feel like exercising, but I make myself exercise… no matter what” and because of that, she is spry and amazing for her age.

2 - I Don’t Worry About What Other People are Doing

She said, “Don’t worry about what others are doing, if they are sitting around in their rocking chairs doing nothing that’s their life, not mine, I’m going to stay active”.

3 - I Keep a Positive Frame of Mind

She also said, “I believe we need a positive attitude about life if we sit around and mop all the time what good will that do? Nothing!” So she is always upbeat and enjoying life no matter what.

4 - I Brush My Teeth 3 Times a Day

She said, “Even at 102 I still have all my own teeth, and they look great, and I brush my teeth 3 times a day… I feel brushing your teeth is very important”. And her teeth look great, I know lots of young people who don’t have teeth that looked as nice.

5 - I Keep Moving

And she also said, “I feel one of the keys to my happy long life is keeping busy, I don’t like sitting around the house doing nothing, I go out and shop, take myself out to dinner, and get together with family”.

6 - I Pray a Lot

She also said, “And I pray and talk with God all the time, I don’t care what people think… I have an ongoing conversation with God all the time”.

So there you have it… How a 102-Year-Old Woman Stays Healthy, Sharp, and Feeling Great.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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