The innkeeper was changed from apathy to sympathy

You probably know the story of the birth of Jesus, especially the part where “there was no place for them in the inn.” Though the Bible does not speak of an innkeeper, there must have been one. Someone had to tell Joseph the inn was full and then grant him permission to stay in the stable.

The innkeeper had problems of his own and a business to run. His motel was full, the “no vacancy” sign was lit and he was tired. He was not concerned with Joseph’s very pregnant wife.

However, on Christmas morning, it is likely that Joseph went to the innkeeper for help or perhaps just in pride to tell him that a baby was born in the barn. Out of curiosity the innkeeper would have to go see the little baby, don’t you think? Of course he did, and it is my conjecture that once the innkeeper saw Jesus, he was changed from apathy to sympathy.

Though I cannot back this up with scripture, I believe that suddenly a room became available for Jesus and his mother. I’ll bet that out of the blue all the resources of the inn were at the disposal of Joseph and Mary.

Why? Because Jesus changes people; their apathy changes to sympathy. They change from a scrooge to a saint, from a taker to a giver, from a tightwad to a philanthropist, from a hedonist to a humanitarian.

Look around the world and you will find hospitals in every land built by Christians. There are thousands of benevolent agencies that offer shelter to the homeless, homes for orphans, food to the hungry, and healing to the wounded—all started, staffed and paid for by Christians.

Just one example is the Salvation Army. When a disaster comes, they are the first on the scene rendering aid, offering coffee and donuts at no charge, and much more all in the name of Jesus.

You may be like the innkeeper, all wrapped up in your own business and surrounded by a dozen unsolvable problems. You are stressed out, cashed out and worn out. After a day on your job, you have no time or desire left to help someone in need.

If you are, be warned because if you take the challenge to go see the little baby in the manger, things may change. There is something about receiving forgiveness for your sins and having your own needs met by a gracious and loving Savior that makes you want to reach out and help your brothers and sisters in need.

Only Jesus can bring out the benevolent spirit of man. Only Jesus can break down your selfish spirit and cause you to give without hope of receiving or to render aid without hope of remuneration.

I challenge you to go to the manger. Look at the baby. Consider what he offers you.

If you do, you will discover that you too have something to offer this world, something that no one else can provide. You are here for a reason and you know it is no accident that you are reading these words. You know there is more to life than just a few short decades and you want your world to change. Spend some time gazing in the manger and see the only Savior of the world and realize He is the change you are looking for.

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