In the current job market, it is a very frustrating task for many, especially for new entrants who have just graduated and are looking to enter a job. When you complete your graduation, you will be tagged as a fresher. There is a common myth “you should be experienced to find a job with at least one year”. And your thoughts will focus on “How can I be experienced person without a job?” Fresh graduates often struggle with the endless dilemma about how they can get a job without any previous working experience or gain relevant experience without having a job in the first place. It’s a bit hard but not impossible. If you are capable and know some basic trick you will surely get your first job in the perfect place. Like other countries, the situation in Dubai is the same for fresher.

Here are some tips on how a fresh graduate can land a job in Dubai:

1.Build Your Network: One word that makes professionals cringe is networking. Networking help you get to know and expand your connection which shall help you find a job, rather than relying only on your resume. Building a network is very beneficial for getting a job in Dubai. Dubai id no different that the top cities in the world where hiring dominantly being done based on internal recommendations. While interviewing based only on resumes can help employers find strong candidates, relying on networks and the networks of their employees can reduce the risk of bad recruitment. To build strong networks among friends, neighbors, and friends of friends and as far as possible and of course start early.

2.Build Your LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented networking website created specifically for professionals. It has over 500 million members. A linking profile is the first stone to exist in the global market, build your network, and your personal brand that can help open doors to opportunities and networks that you may did not expect before. It allows you to showcase your profile, expertise, connections, and recommendations. In Dubai, most of the recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates. Having a valid and professionally made LinkedIn profile helps you to build trust in the recruiters and employers. So don’t underestimate it. It can be a big step to get your first job in Dubai.

3.Tell Everyone You Look For Job: It is also a part of the building network. If you’re looking for a job but stopping everyone to know if they’ve heard of any open positions for you, you may be wearing these imaginary sunglasses without realizing it. The truth is, it’s not doing you much good. Let everyone know that you have completed your graduation or you will complete your graduation soon and you are going to need a job. Use your social media as well. You can make your resume and share it with them. This will help you to get a suggestion and recommendation for getting your first job.

4.Don’t Set and Wait, Go and Get It: Have you completed your graduation? Or will you be a graduate soon? What is your plan? Are you ready to enter your corporate life? If you are still not ready. Then go and get ready. Why are you waiting for? Job is not a piece of cake in the job market that you will go to the market and buy it. Remember that for every vacant job there are thousands of candidates. Start from today, where someday does not exist and wasting time in any self-limit believes or your comfort zone won’t take you anywhere.

5.Internship: Is an internship necessary or helpful to get a job? The answer is “Yes”. An internship is necessary because it can present the candidate with new skills and opportunities that they would not receive otherwise. They not only gain practical knowledge within the sector of their choice but also learn how to cooperate with professionals in a workplace and develop essential skills like time management, adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork. Employers today are expecting college students to graduate with work experience. Not just any type of work experience. Employers want to see an internship. A practical work experience carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market than without any experience. It's all about competition.

Most of the students are not aware of corporate life. After completing graduation, they find themselves in the middle of an ocean. To make them responsible and help them find a job, student career coaching in Dubai is now available. Student career coaching in Dubai is monitored and supervised by highly trained professionals and entrepreneurs. They help any students to get their desired job, help them to identify their ability and disability. So it is a great advantage for them.

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