Teachers are the building blocks to any society. They develop and form the basis of society. They imbibe the positive characteristics and discipline in the students, who go on to become the makers of a better environment.

Teachers do not become great in one day. It requires skill and determination to become the best teacher.

Every teacher adopts one or the other teaching methods to make their students pay attention to the subject, be better listeners and also simplify the knowledge so that the entire concept goes inside the child's head.

An excellent teaching method makes a lot of difference in the learning process for a child, and more so among the children who lack the skills or ability to read. A child with a disability requires special attention and care to make them concentrate or become participative. They need different methods of teaching to be able to learn and comprehend a subject.

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There are only benefits and positives to a useful teaching method, and they are listed as follows:

1. Ability To Receive And Perceive

A child's ability to receive knowledge and the perception of the subject varies according to how he/she is taught. Being able to read constitute the base of the education process. A child becomes a learner when he/she starts to take an interest in learning and to gain more knowledge about the subject. Other than that, no child can be forced to learn and it is challenging to learn to make them read.

2. Enhance Their Skills

Some children are not born with all the health as a normal child should. Specially-abled children hence need special care for almost everything that they do. It can be for the day to day activities or learning or acquiring skills. These children are not as skilled like the other normal kids. A teacher and their teaching method hold power to make these children come out from their shell and move towards learning new skills. A great teaching method can change a child for the good. Not only does it make them more attentive, but it also instils a sense of hunger for more knowledge or skills.

3. Make The Kids Feel More Optimistic

The world and the way it works is not easy for the kids with any form of disability. It is natural for the kid to lose hope of fitting into the crowd and become negative about himself or herself. The teaching skills of the teacher play a significant role in determining the view of the child towards his or her life. Excellent teaching will enable the kid to see that it is not impossible for him to have a good experience. He or she can learn too and become successful in their lives. These kids need a full dosage of inspiration and positivity, and all of this can be achieved if the teaching method is different, interactive and optimistic.

4. Make Them Interactive

One of the critical points in any teaching method is that the teacher should know who the student is. Not just the name, age or skills but also what that student likes or what catches the attention of him or her. Getting to know them better is a process in which a kid can be made to become aware of himself or herself. This also makes them interactive and more open about their thoughts. Usually, a kid with a disability might find it difficult to open up and share his or her feelings or opinions on a topic, but a teacher's step towards an interactive session will help them overcome this obstacle and become more positive about public interaction. It develops their speaking skills, which will be of great help to them in the later future.

5. Make Them Self Sufficient

Teachers can break or make a child and his future. A great teacher with excellent teaching methods will ensure that the child becomes self-sufficient despite his disabilities. Some companies hire on the basis of talent, and they have equal judgements towards both normal and specially-abled candidates. A specially-abled child who has been taught all the lessons knows how to comprehend situations and has the required skills for the job can become employed. It is possible only if the teaching was good. An excellent and unique teaching method for the kids, who have a disability, can help them become confident, independent and better citizens of the society.

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