How a guy’s life changes, after getting married
As it is rightly said-“A Perfect Marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other”.
Marriage is not a bed of roses.
It is not only about sending modern invitations through trendy sites like and making it an extravagent wedding.
We all agree that no one is more important than the bride. Yes, she leaves her house for him, she has to
learn and compromise so much, she has to take up so many responsibilities. But do you think marriage is
easy on the guy? No! He experiences a whirlwind of changes too. He also learns new things and takes up
hundreds of new responsibilities.
This post is dedicated to all the guys whose lives have changed after marriage with their new ‘Husband
tag’! A Tribute to all those happily unmarried guys, who are on the verge of becoming husbands.

1. You married your ‘girlfriend’? Now meet your ‘wife’.

Not “Tell me something about yourself”, but “Where were you?”, “Why didn’t you call?”, and “Why are
you late?” will be the most answered questions in your life now.
And if in case, you have forgotten about the marriage, she will prompt you again and again by doing
things that only a wife would do. Like speculating over silly things, poking you, calling you again and
again ( which you by the way found cute earlier ).

2. Your bed is not just yours anymore

Your blanket neither...
Nor is your room!
Suddenly you have a roomie who wants more wordrobe space, more part of the blanket to grab and
more bed space ( and god forbid, if you get a strict wife then you will also lose the privilege of choosing the side of
your bed! )

3. Love Late Nights with friends? SO SORRY...HAHA!

Back in your single days, you’d probably be out chilling with your buddies till the morning hours. But
now you have your dearest school principle at home, her new name is ‘wife’.

4.’ Savings’ is a BIG word now

This is a natural progression of wanting a luxurious life ahead with your wife. Suddenly you will find
yourself thinking about your career growth, work opportunities, promotions, etc.

5. You will start adapting to all the socializing

You now know all the society aunties and uncles. AND also your launderer’s name, milkman’s name,
house maid’s name, and the names of lot of other people.You may not be used to the million plans you are now a part of. Lunches, dinners, parties and various
occasions with her family, your family, two sets of cousins, friends, colleagues etc might just be a culture
shock for you-more so if you are normally a reserved guy. It could take some time to adjust to this hectic
social calendar. By:- Riha Sharma

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Riha Sharma is an author of short fiction, non fiction articles and some poetry. She is a passionate blogger who has the quality of captivating her audience through her knowledge and research.