Books have a special significance in everyone’s life. Especially for kids who are in the verge of learning the learning process itself, books in colors, pictures and illustrations help a lot to develop his curriculum. While there is no dearth of such books in the bookstores as well as through eminent publishing houses, the costs are such that every parent might not get that advantage of availing these for their kids and thus this serves a limited proportion of kids in reality. Only well-off sections of community can avail such books with finest stories and illustrations. And for others it’s a nightmare to get such books and enjoy that fun of reading.

With a social responsibility of helping the society like a tree, a mother has come out of her circles and started germinating a seed for stories, illustrations and pictures those can be availed from any where and by everyone to read, download and share. The fact is that these free books for children are absolutely free for them who want to help the underprivileged to help their child in learning through exotic children’s books online. The idea thus evolved has taken shape of a big tree and now anyone from anywhere can read, share, download and print from any corner of the world from greatest collection of online books for children absolutely free.

The mother, Pooja Sadarna, is a teacher, a painter, a loving mother and above all an innovator. She has started realizing the growing costs and the limitations of an average class mother to purchase and give her child a few good children’s books. With her endeavour to offer versatile illustration books, she has gone online to make available a wide range of online books for children. With a concept of tree where anyone can pluck the fruits at anytime, Pooja’s endeavour has helped parents as well as their kids to get the books of their interest from her collection of online children books.

As a matter of fact you can virtually read, download, print and distribute as many books as you want from the collection of free children books online. Any person who is limited with abilities to purchase costly books for his child can select these amazing books full of fun, colors, values and teachings and can use them at his ease. The free books for children are not limited with distribution rights and you do not need to worry about any copyright infringement whenever you want your kid to get some fantastic picture books online.

As the first teach of a child, a mother knows how important role stories play for growing up her kids. And with efforts from Pooja Sardana, you can get all such stories with pictorial representation and added values and teachings, to make your child learn them with fun and merrymaking.

Picture Book Tree is an amazing concept serving the children as well as their parents with a novel concept of compassion and service rendered by the tree. As a tree is silent while rendering its service, a loving mother and a compassionate teacher, Pooja is silently devoted to help the children learn with the help of free children books online.

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