As a human, we are made to live in the daytime so the formation of our eye is such that we make a good vision on day. We have a certain amount of rods and cones in our eyes, which are enough for seeing and feeling the movement in dim light. Still, we don't have the formation like a nocturnal animal that lives at night.

The nocturnal animals have the bigger pupils in the eyes that let more light from outside. Moreover, it has more rods than animals with usual sight at night. However, these animals have the tapetum in their eyes to provide a clear vision at night time.

Human doesn't have all these functions to see at night. So, what is the solution then? Technology. There is a nice invention of science for seeing at night; that is Night Goggles. Yes, we can see at dark as the nocturnal animal with the help of these goggles.

How does a Night Vision Goggle Work?
In dark, we cannot get the proper amount of light from the outside. So to see in the dark, the usual rule is to get more light from the outside. The technology of night goggles helps to do this. The goggles produce light and the light turns into electricity and the electricity can back to light. This function goes with the nocturnal characteristics of an animal and we can view at night. The detailed steps are-

Here is a lens in the front of the night goggles which takes in the dim light from the night outside. We know that the lights are made of particles of color that are called protons.

The protons beat the light-sensitive cathode, which is called photocathode to convert protons in electrons. Electrons are particles that carry the electricity around a circuit.

The electron is multiplied through photomultipliers and each electron is responsible to take out lots of electrons.

Electrons that leave the multiplier hit the phosphor screen and create the tiny flashes of light. The function is like the old television styles.

The ultimate thing is that as there are many more protons those help to create a much brighter narrative of the screen.

How does it look like through the night vision? ?
Everything looks green through the night vision goggles. You may know that we can give our longer views to green objects that we feel comfortable. The lens catches the protons that are absorbing all color lights but the incoming lights convert into black and white color only. But instead of black and white, the phosphors choose to make only the green picture consciously. There is a reason behind this. Our eyes are more sensitive to green lights so the phosphors deliberately produce the green light.

What happens if there is no Light outside? ?
Normally the night goggles include image intensifiers that boost the little amount of light from outside. But if there is no light then the image intensifier does not work. A minimum amount of light is needed for working with an image intensifier. If the image intensifier is not working with the lights then alternative thermal imaging is necessary. The thermal imaging can use lots of different colors to identify the objects of various temperatures. Now you can have the question of what is the temperature in this mode. The moving objects are thought to be hotter than the stable objects.

So, Night Goggle is great inventing to watch things at dark when necessary.

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