Have you ever noticed that without a sense of purpose any undertaking you pursue becomes all the more difficult? Lacking purpose is a dilemma many internet marketers find themselves in and why reaching goals they've set becomes such a challenge!l The efforts they invest tend to be aimless and uninspired leading to a loss of time and an increase in their frustrations which is NOT good!

Let's review 5 reasons as to why the strength of your 'purpose' directly impacts your chances of success!


Quite simply if you truly believe in or are passionate enough about the goals you've set this will help to keep you motivated! Purpose can and will put 'pep in your step' because it represents the advantages or benefits you've decided are worth your time and effort to pursue! This is the 'reward' you seek and are looking forward to experiencing! This constant reminder will be not only be your source of motivation but will also increase your chances of success in actually reaching the goals you've already established!


All the motivation and effort in the world are useless unless it is properly directed and to do so you'll need a specific goal! The fact is that reaching goals requires for you to first identify them and when done you now have a 'purpose' for your actions! You can't hit your target if you can't see it so by determining what it is you want to achieve dramatically increases your chances of success in doing so!


Internet marketers know full well the value of having the energy for reaching goals simply because they typically work alone! The passion you have for what it is you want to achieve should help to energize you due to the excitement you feel about the results or benefits you anticipate! This boost in energy will help you spend more 'quality' time on your business while also keeping you mentally alert as well!


This speaks to the specific actions you take as well as the time you spend … this is your REASON and it only has to be good enough for you! This is very similar to establishing 'direction' however it involves planning and refining the more detailed steps you'll need for reaching goals you've set! Using your purpose as the target you've set your sets on will help you develop a realistic action plan to increase your chances of success!

Increased Focus

By virtue of the fact you've now established a specific plan of action to reach goals you've set, you have now also narrowed your focus! Focus takes on a very significant role for internet marketers simply because without it they, as well as you, are vulnerable to distractions which are in abundance online!

To succeed online in such a dynamic and sometimes chaotic environment a strong sense of purpose is most certainly required! Internet marketers will find starting a business is quite simple however reaching goals they've set is quite a different story! Time and effort will need to be invested to increase the chances of success but if your focus and motivation are weak so too will be your results! Having a clear and strong purpose behind what you do can make your efforts easier and more effective! The reasons for this are explained above and are meant to emphasize the importance of how having a strong 'why' increases your chances of success online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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