When we think of some guy having his own butler, we are forced to accept the fact that this man must have means
and tremendous power in the affairs of his domain. Even quite rich people don’t bother with butlers… It’s almost like it’s archaic. But there are men of note who feel that they need one-just to help them keep up with things.

I remember Bob Hope flying to St. Louis to give a speech
and finding out-when he reached St. Louis-he’d left his script behind-and sending his butler back to California to fetch it and return quickly.(You can do that with a butler.)

I have a personal friend who has a butler; and both he and
his butler are really colorful guys… And no one begrudges
my friend his aid-because he seems to do well for himself
as well as for others.

…But let’s discuss a smoker now. Just how would a smoker—
just being a smoker—need to have a butler on hand? If he’s recognized as being a bum, he would…And how would he get recognized?

It strikes me-first of all-that a bum is someone who may have cash but never seems to be able to take care of his God-given blessings of health, and personal responsibilities
to the folks around him.

He may have been knocked down in life, but instead of getting up and thanking his God for his bad luck, he just stays down.

So… if a smoker fits these very low standards, then he just might need a butler. And here’s where his butler plays a key role for him. Let’s say he’s down; and no one helps. That is when the smoker calls out for his butler-- in this case, his‘own cigarette’…So now he gets up strength to hold that cigarette with steady hands and lights it up.

Unlike the butlers of all men, his cigarette could never say,“Hey, Boss… Easy… Maybe I better help you up and get some help!” One might almost attribute to his cigarette-butler a keen satisfaction in seeing that his boss stays down. For what does the butler do, who’s boss gets up and no longer needs a cigarette?

It’s enough to make those cigarette concerns weep!

…Is there any solution here? Yes… if a miracle
should come to his mind and conjure up an image of him-
as I have just described- a bum counting on his butler to help him keep smoking- if he really sees that as clearly as he can- then maybe he will resist the urge to call his butler-and will instead make sure he finds some plan to help him quit.

It’s no big deal to quit; it is a big deal to understand you
have got to quit.

Author's Bio: 

Humbler Acts grew up in St. Louis, MO where he’s always
lived—but for five years abroad-- where he was a student at Eastbourne College and then at Oxford…He lived in Italy for
a brief spell after that.

Returning home, he went into the family steel business. After some years, he bought and ran his own steel company-- which lasted for thirty years.

Now he’s devoting his time and will to helping folks quit smoking. This career, which he’s long yearned to have,
satisfies a dream he had (“out of the blue”)-- some twenty
years ago—which stated: “Do work to keep folks from smoking.”

Now that he’s able to--he hopes to offer folks a unique way
to quit smoking.

Humbler’s been married for forty-nine years and has two grown sons. He’s a vegan, makes keeping dreams a key part
of acquiring knowledge, loves walking and enjoys reading Hebrew.

(All material herein copyright mmxii by Humbler Acts)