It is not unusual for people starting out online to have an aversion towards using a squeeze page to build a list. The reasoning is why would you purposely divert traffic from your sales page just to 'possibly' capture the contact information of a website visitor? After all the purpose of an online business is to earn a profit and squeeze pages do NOT offer anything for sale. Show me the money!

Here are 3 reasons why using squeeze pages makes better business sense in both the short and long run when working online.

Incentive to Take Action

There is a greater chance that a website visitor will leave their contact information than them actually making a purchase on a sales page. This is due to the added incentive in the form of a free giveaway generally offered on most squeeze pages. Therefore all is not lost if they do not end up buying anything once they are 'redirected' to your product offer since you now have their contact information.

Repeat Sales

Capturing somebody's email address now allows you to make regular contact with them. By opting into your list these people are agreeing to receive future promotional messages from you which leads to the opportunity of making repeat sales with the same person.

Now consider this: would you rather make a one-time sale to someone or create the opportunity to have repeated contact with them in the future leading to repeat sales? I thought so!

Cost Effective Marketing

There is probably no other more cost effective means in which to promote your business online than by email marketing. Traffic generation is a very time consuming and often times costly function of doing business online. On the other hand already having somebody's email address to which you can send promotional messages is both cost and time efficient. This marketing approach is also very effective since the people on your list have already shown an interest in what you promote.

On the surface directing a website visitor to your squeeze page instead of your sales page does seem a little counterproductive in terms of earning an income. However even though you 'may' gain a profit by offering a product it is more likely that you 'will' capture the contact information of the website visitor. The information you collect when you build a list is an asset you can use time and again to generate multiple profits over an extended period of time. The 3 reasons we cited above for using squeeze pages demonstrate the smart business sense they make through the cost effectiveness and ease they introduce to your business.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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