Get ready business owners. The Affordable Care Act officially goes into effect in 2014. Do you know how to respond? Many business owners are starting to have concerns about being able to afford new staff members or even continuing to support existing members of their own team because they’re worried about the burden of additional healthcare insurance and penalties that can be charged. You may not have considered this option, but involving a staffing company in your business can head off problems and set your mind at ease. Here are some specific ways a staffing company can help:

1. A staffing company can payroll your people as our employees and provide them with benefits. They still come to work every day as they normally do, the difference is, technically, they work for us. Assuming that you would like them to be paid the same hourly rate, we would then add on a small fee to maintain them and cover benefits, worker’s comp, taxes, etc. This arrangement is often far more affordable than business owners realize, and may even be less expensive than maintaining a direct-hire workforce depending on one’s health care program. It also greatly reduces or eliminates the potential for unexpected government penalties.

2. For added flexibility, a staffing company can allow you to add additional people as needed. You may find that you have a huge up-tick in business at certain times but still need to watch that bottom line. If you call a staffing company, we can get some people together for as long as you need them. Best part, we can find them for you too. Once your workflow goes down, your staff size can as well, with no hassles.

3. When you just really need very experienced people, a staffing company can provide them on an as-needed basis. Oftentimes business owners think of entry level or administrative workers when they think of a staffing company, but the market has changed significantly. Now senior-level talent is available because many people are opting for more flexible careers. By working through a staffing company you are free from hiring bonuses, long-term commitments and a lengthy hiring process when it comes to bringing in experienced advisors.

But why wait until 2014? It could be a suitable scenario for you even now. Hiring and firing people can get very costly. If you need the expertise of an experienced individual you can hire talented people as you need them rather than figure out how to afford a huge salary year after year.

Smart business owners are starting their reorganizations now, so that when we fast forward to 2014 they are all set. Their key people are in place and are productive. Working smarter will be a crucial strategy when it comes to making a smooth transition with the Affordable Care Act.

Author's Bio: 

Catherine Lang-Cline is co-founder and owner of Portfolio Creative, an Inc. fastest growing company for the past four years. Portfolio Creative helps companies connect with creative talent in all areas of design, marketing, communications and advertising.