At the moment with all the failed businesses in this recession we are now experiencing, many people are checking out used equipment auctions rather than purchasing new equipment for their new business projects. They have found that used equipment for your office holds its value and its reliability very well, and even equipment that’s been in service for some years is often as usable as if it were brand new. Because of the number of businesses getting rid of their equipment through auctions, interested bidders are finding more availability and selection than ever before.

Along with the rise in the used equipment market has come an alternative distribution method: the online auction. With the auction, prospective bidders are able to peruse a much larger number of available equipment sets than ever before, and bid in a far easier fashion. Several things need to be consider even so before participating in a used equipment auction.

The first thing to comprehend about an online auction site for used equipment is that the hosts generally have no interest in the transportation or shipping of the equipment offered for sale. This usually means that an interested buyer must select from auctions that represent local restaurants and stores unless he has a way to arrange shipping from a remote site. When the bid is won, you will have to be able to finish the transaction by picking it up the items. As a business goes out of business, time is a factor for the former owners of the equipment or even the property owners and long time storage is not usually an option. Each auction comes with an associated pickup time, and the winning bidder should respect that time religiously, or risk losing his equipment to the next highest bidder.

One other thing to be aware of is according to the original location, equipment is often available in sets. Should a bid consist of many pieces, all will have to be accepted even if you are only interested in one and not the whole lot. This is where you will need to compare prices with purchasing new verses buying in a set or group and deciding which is the better choice. Quite often, it still is the very best plan. A good strategy is to concentrate on restaurants or stores that are similar to the new location, so that the likelihood of being able to use the majority of the lot is highest.

Many times, used equipment will remain in the original location unless it has been relocated to another place like a warehouse. They are often still connected to electricity and the plumbing may also still be attached. With regards to receiving and delivery of the items, it may be up to the winning bidder to have the equipment disconnected, moved and reconnected inside the new location. Besides arranging for transportation, the winning bidder must be careful to also have available a licensed electrical and /or plumbing contractor if required.

Finally, each and every bidder should be able to peruse past auctions to find the market prices for the types of equipment that interest him. With auctions, once a bid is submitted, it will not be able to be extended and it will be important to bid within an appropriate range. Planning a strategy and studying bidding procedures is helpful for any bidder who is interested not just winning but getting an item at the absolute best price.

Follow these steps and you will be prepared to get a very good value on used equipment for your store.

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