A good and trustworthy man is a rare germ particularly in the modern society where sincere love and infidelity are a rare character. This does not however mean that there are no good single men that can rock your world. Dating is challenging for every woman, but we know there is kind of girl that attracts the wrong man over and over again.

Are you tired of finding yourself with mascara-stained tears down your face because you trusted another asshole? Most women lay the blame on the lack of good men or the inability of men to commit. This however a misconception because although you cannot change all the douche bags that are present in the current society, you definitely have the ability to attract a great guy and keep him.

Effective Tips on How to Get a Good Man

1. Be comfortable in your own skin

Although it is tempting to put on your best face when you meet a man, this is not advisable if you are looking for a good man that can take you to the altar. Sure there is nothing wrong with making a good first impression just ensure you don’t end up pretending or being hypocritical as this will automatically repulse a good man who is genuinely attracted to you.

So how should a woman who is comfortable in her own skin behave?

· Be spontaneous and friendly

· Respect your body and don’t give it up too easily, the last thing you want is to give the illusion that you are a loose woman

· Dressing sexy is fine just don’t cross the line and expose too much or be too flirtatious.

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2. Have your own Fulfilling Life

No good man wants a desperate woman who has no life of her own. This is because if you have no life then there is a high likelihood that you will be desperate, dramatic and clingy. This means that even before you start seeking for a good man, you should work on your self esteem and learn to overcome your insecurities.

If you want to attract a good a man you need to be an independent minded woman who is pursuing her own goals and exploring her passions.

3. Emotional maturity and stability are mandatory if you want to get a good man

If you want to attract and keep a good man then you have to be cool and relaxed even in stressful situations. The last a good man wants to settle down needs is a moody, clingy, controlling, nagging and dramatic woman who cannot control her temper and emotions. A sincere and trustworthy man has too much going on in life to maintain and date a drama queen’.

So finally, here are steps for you to avoid being a drama queen:

· When angry and annoyed don’t exacerbate the situation by arguing simply walk away then when you are calm and collected come back and have a mature conversation

· Don’t overreact without having all the information, take your time before judging any situation

Although these three steps barely scratch the surface, they are a good starting point for any woman aiming to attract a good man. By strictly adhering to these three tips you will grab and retain the attention of a good man. After this be gentle, respectful and win him over naturally. Keep in mind that good men are searching for women who they can comfortably share their life with.

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