According to experts, adenomyosis is a prevalent uterine disease in women's gynecological diseases. The number of patients increases every year, and patients' age is relatively wide, mainly among women aged 30-50.

Adenomyosis is a particular type of endometriosis. There are many ways to treat adenomyosis. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of adenomyosis is a safe and very effective method.

Treatment of adenomyosis with traditional Chinese medicine

Nowadays, there are many traditional Chinese medicines for adenomyosis. The primary pathogenesis of adenomyosis is blood stasis. Therefore, according to different pathogenesis, TCM adopts the methods with the functions of warming meridians and dispersing cold, supplementing Qi and blood, resolving phlegm and removing stasis, softening hardness, and dispersing knot, and supporting the body and strengthening the body. Therefore, they can achieve the function of regulating viscera and promoting metabolism.

Patients can also use traditional Chinese medicine for hot compress. With the help of the power of warmth, the medicinal properties pass through the skin and hair to enter the interior from the exterior, follow the meridians, and finally reach the viscera. It can dredge the meridians, dissipate the cold, smooth the Qi, relieve swelling and pain, and effectively regulate the Yin and Yang of the viscera to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

Fuyan Pill, a pure traditional Chinese medicine, comprises more than 50 kinds of herbs in a reasonable proportion. It can regulate blood circulation and menstruation, eliminate pain, promote the blood circulation of the endometrium in a short time to eliminate blood stasis in the body, make the proliferative tissue soften gradually, and finally disperse and detumescence. In this case, the endometrium slowly returns to normal function. At the same time, it can enhance autoimmunity and achieve the purpose of a complete cure.

It is the patent medicine in Dr.Lee TCM Clinic. It is made from many pure natural herbs. It is safe and convenient to use without any stimulation and side effects. For a long time, it helps countless patients get relief and have a natural pregnancy.

Advantages of traditional Chinese medicine treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can relieve the psychological pressure and mental burden of surgery, regulate the endocrine, enhance immunity, etc. It is easy to take medicine, no operation, no injury, no hospitalization, low risk of pain, and work, study, and life.

However, not all cases are suitable for TCM treatment. Therefore, the specific diagnosis and treatment methods should be according to the doctor's advice, do not blindly use drugs, and avoid the side effects of medicines induced by other diseases.


What are the precautions of diet for patients with adenomyosis?

1. Do not eat acid food: acid food has an astringent effect, makes blood astringent, not conducive to the smooth flow of blood and discharge, so patients with dysmenorrhea should try to avoid eating this kind of food during menstruation. Acidic foods include rice vinegar, hot and sour vegetables, pickles, pomegranate, carambola, cherry, sour jujube, mango, apricot, plum, lemon, etc.

2. Don't eat spicy food: some dysmenorrhea patients have more menstruation. Eating spicy and stimulating food will aggravate pelvic congestion and inflammation or cause excessive contraction of uterine muscles, aggravating dysmenorrhea. Therefore, patients with dysmenorrhea should try to eat less or not, such as pepper, garlic, onion, ginger, leek, chicken soup, and spicy condiments.

3. Don't be greedy for cold: women with poor gastrointestinal function should avoid cold and raw food before and during menstruation, such as cold drink, raw vegetables, crab, snail, mussel, mangosteen, mung bean, cucumber, water chestnut, etc., to avoid the aggravation of dysmenorrhea caused by cold blood stasis.

4. Diet should be light, do not eat mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, blackfish, and other irritating food.

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