Google keeps on changing its algorithms and this has caused a big to a lot of website owners and bloggers. Google updated two algorithms namely Panda and Penguin.

These updates highly focused on rigorous off-page strategies and in eliminating the value of mediocre content which did a lot of damage to the SEO affiliates.

For survival, affiliates will have to revise their strategies and develop some smart and intellectual strategies that can secure their websites and blogs from any algorithmic changes.
In this article, we have presented 2 strategies Caffeinated SEO use, that affiliates can implement to future proof their SEO.

Understanding the AIDA Funnel methodology and implementing it to the Search market:

AIDA funnel explains the SEO affiliate strategies the best. This model is divided into 4 powerful processes namely Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

This process is implemented as a funnel. If you are wondering why you would need a model for different purchasing products then here is the answer. Affiliates are paid for the sales and also for providing the contacts that lead to conversions or sales. Affiliates get a share of revenue which is obtained by assisting the advertisers in sales.
There are 3 different types of searches in this model known as transactional, informational and navigational search. To choose the best future proof strategies, you will have to classify the category in which the affiliates fall. Affiliates generally keep their focus on transactional searches and want to rank for those phrases which are suspected to sell.

Google has identified their pattern and did launch some algorithmic updates that gave a really tough time to affiliates.

Here are the 2 strategies for affiliates based on AIDA funnel:

Strategy 1: Reconsidering, Examining, Discussions

One of the plans for affiliates is to drive their focus in informational search. The keywords in information searches are close to but not the transactional searches. This is a plan which is similar to their original theory and allows customer acquisition, money making and traffic generation.

If we consider gaining traffic, the competition becomes less between organic searches. Also, the Adwords ads are very few in the informational searches. Google will show the websites ranking on the top for organic results when a customer searches for the keywords. The Adwords ads are competitive and there are up to 3 best performing ads that can snatch away the customers.

Also, there are not only the classic Adwords on the shopping sites but also product listing ads. It also offers an advantage that when a user enters a transactional keyword, an affiliate will successfully be able to drive a user to his website.

The customer is distracted from the main search and the affiliate gets the advantage. This is why; Google constantly changes its algorithms to give the users a better search experience. To build an effective SEO strategy, affiliates must understand the expectation of users from a search. The users want information and thus, by using the informational keywords, affiliates can serve the customers.

It is clear that customers achieved through informational keywords show a less conversion rate when compared to the other customers. This represents the weakness of this plan. However, getting more traffic will simply create more difficulties.

Strategy 2: Establishing yourself as a Brand

The other strategy is a traditional approach. Following the Google’s leads, online experts suggested people to become a brand. Under this strategy, affiliates will have to understand the goals of advertisers during different buying process phases.

Affiliates aspiring to establish as a brand don’t focus on rigorous conversions or on intense traffic. Their focus is to prepare a good image and brand. Bargain blogs generally choose this strategy and creation of brands is actually understandable. Through this strategy, success can be achieved but quite slowly. The aim of this strategy is to develop reliability and trust.

Moving ahead in the AIDA Funnel

As we know, the different strategies will focus on added benefits for the user and are also appraised by Google. Imagine analysis portal that works on a specific niche and tries to become a brand. It also tries to become one of the most successful testing platforms. It doesn’t make much difference if the strategies are applied together or separately, as its aim is to focus on keyword that is used by a customer in the previous stages of AIDA funnel.

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Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated who help businesses find their audience online. She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.