In the recent past, Technology has taken a toll over our lives undeniably and in many aspects. AI or Artificial intelligence is a very mature technology and many companies and organizations are actively using it. it has already crept into our daily lives, our education system, business, finances etc. It is a way to accomplish more and accurate results by smart software which can research on large data to produce desirable outcomes. But what AI actually is and what impact does it have in our future. Let's find out

AI Technology is more human brain like technology which can learn from a large set of data and can understand it as a human does. It easily understands our language and responds to us in the same way as well as solve problems for us. AI sees and interprets the world as same as a human does and that is how it ended up with its name Artificial intelligence. An intelligence which is created artificially by humans. It can be in the form of a machine or software or a combination of both machine and software like robots etc.

Amazon reportedly developed an algorithm to integrate with its AI voice-activated assistant Alexa. It will now detect changes in your voice and will suggest if you are ill or not along with necessary prescriptions. Japanese developers have incorporated AI and machines to perform complex medical surgeries. Intelligence services use AI for facial recognition/spying and Technology giants use it for digital marketing services. AI has also been integrated with our smartphone and messengers to carry out various tasks. We can reply to a message or email with AI-generated templates based on the email or message and it's contents.

We have seen chatbots on websites which replies to our queries as a real human does. It improves the efficiency, reliability and speed of the task. However, it means the replacement of a human from this job. Moreover, we are about to see this trend in the near future in many aspects such as manufacturing, programming, health, finance and other technologies too. We have heard of a self-driving car which requires no drivers at all. This is a huge shift in transportation too. AI is surely catering us with many of our needs fulfilled in less time and more efficiently.

Social media, digital assistants, self-driving cars, communication, web searching and many offline services are now incorporated with AI. You get suggestions for tweets, Facebook uses its user's data to develop a neural network, Instagram targets advertisements to you. Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant are all AI-based software. They learn while interacting with the users and adapt to his habits. They help fix an appointment, do certain tasks, send data to another app, web search and many more. You can direct them with your voice alone and your task is done in no time.

All our habits are analysed by AI to suggest more content online. Think of how YouTube or Netflix suggests our video based on our watching habits. the map shows traffic and calculates distance and estimated time to reach is AI at work. We now have filters and quick replies in our Gmail inbox which is sorted out by AI too. To your surprise, An airline pilot only operates the flight manually for about 7-10 minutes. All the flying is done by AI based on various inputs provided by other AI systems at work and this is truly surprising.

AI is successfully tested to stop cyber breaches by hackers. These malicious attacks are prevented however the hackers have also access to AI. So who wins? It is up to who uses a better AI system as they are growing every single day. As far as privacy is concerned, users data is saved from attackers but what about those who are providing these services and collecting your data? Heard of Cambridge Analytica? Our data is used to manipulate us. We are made to think the way AI wants us to think with its suggestions and this is where it turns ugly.

Tech giant Tesla's Founder Elon Musk believes that AI is manipulating social media and people's behaviour already. He also said that AI is the biggest threat to humans in the near future. Musk is not alone in the list. The great scientist and physicist Stephan Hawking also warned about possible ways where intelligent machines can be dangerous to us. Although they both agree that it holds the true potential to explore a whole lot of secrets in the future. The undiscovered and unexplored will be available for mankind be it the whole universe if AI is put to the right use.

How are we going to collaborate with AI in future? Will it replace humans in certain fields? How is it going to create more difference? There is still a lot left unanswered since we have just scratched the surface of this Technology. Researchers around the globe are continuously developing AI for more possible outcomes, therefore, making human life easier. Deep learning and AI have seen enormous growth and is estimated to grow by 34 per cent every year. The next AI generation will be more sophisticated and intelligent as they will be learning more than what humans teach them.


AI has made human life easier and efficient since it powers many technologies in hands. The first generation of AI already made way for the future and it seems very promising. Making Technology Work for us using AI is a great achievement of humans. The future is only to get better from here.

However, AI has been concerned since it is generating fewer jobs and making more people jobless.AI is already replacing humans on the everyday tasks which have the same and simple logic in them. It has impacted our daily lives already is all set to impact our future as well. Musk and Hawking may be wrong, they may be right as well but for now, AI is successfully luring mankind and has become an important part of their daily lives.

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Alex is a tech lover. He loves to travel to exotic places and also loves to buy gadgets