It is not possible to disregard the importance of artificial intelligence in digital marketing innovations. All digital marketing leaders must acknowledge the changes that AI technologies can bring to digital marketing.

AI or Artificial Intelligence deals with creating intelligent or “smart” machines that have the power to think and act like humans. No wonder why more and more enterprises are depending on AI for creating cutting-edge applications. When you own a business, you must be able to identify the problems it faces so that you can work towards rectifying these. If you have the power to gather huge volumes of data from a myriad of applications in one central location, you can easily get accurate insights.

Ways in which AI has changed digital marketing:

1- Enhanced User Experience: One of the best ways in which AI transforms digital marketing for the better is enhanced user experience. The biggest advantage you can get from any online marketing solution is improved customer experience. If you can make the content more meaningful for the user, you can ensure conversion and guarantee brand loyalty. Here is where AI will help in collecting data so that you can decide which kind of content would be more useful for your customers, depending on factors like buying behaviors, location, and historical data.

2- Augmented Reality: When you own a retail business, AI solutions can prove to be game changers. The new innovations in augmented reality let prospective buyers actually “try” something before buying it. For instance, you can now download apps which let you “try on” clothes in order to see how these are going to make you look if you were to buy them. This can ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and improved customer engagement with your website and brand.

3- Voice Search: Another important AI innovation is voice-search technology which is revolutionizing digital marketing more than ever before. Businesses are now optimizing their websites to work with smart chatbots like Google Home or Alexa. It is actually possible to ensure that your website ranks highest in search engines when you can use voice search techniques to your advantage.

4- DMP: Not only will AI technology help you to customize your website to suit customer preferences from the collected data, it can also help you to predict future buyer behaviors. This is possible through DMP or Data Management Platforms which gather data from second and third parties. This means you can get data about users all across the Internet, and not just from your site. This will also let you customize the site to suit the existing and future customer needs and target potential leads.

5- Real-Time Support: Finally, AI revolutionizes digital marketing by offering customer support services in real time. When buyers can get quick fixes to their problems, they are likely to return to your site. The launch of AI chatbots let customers feel that they are talking to real people in real time. This real-time experience can be very useful for ensuring customer satisfaction. Such chatbots are active 24x7 and they can reduce the waiting time for buyers who may be having trouble with their purchases.

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