Application wrapping is the process in which one is able to apply a ‘management layer’ to an application, without requiring any change to the underlying application. This allow a flexibility in application development and usage that was previously impossible. It also ensures that organization can add the security needed to protect their applications and ensure the privacy of their business and technology.

Prior to the advent of application wrapping software, once an app was developed, the function and abilities which it offered were set. It couldn’t be modified or augmented without returning to the development phase and basically creating a brand new application. Obviously this process was both time consuming and expensive. It therefore left many organizations with outdated or sub-optimal apps. This is especially the case when dealing with security measures, user authentication or allowing different levels of access to different users. This type of capability has become an increasingly necessary ability of worthwhile apps.

Application wrapping software, such as EASA software, provides a security solution that automatically wraps fine-grained security policies around individual mobile apps. This allows the enterprise to add multiple layers of protection to any app that needs more security. It allows an administrator to set specific policy elements that can be applied to an application or group of applications. Policy elements can include such things like whether or not data associated with an app can be stored on the device or whether certain program interfaces (such as file sharing or copy and paste) will be allowed or even whether or not user authentication is required on a specific app.

This type of application modernization revolutionizes the abilities and functionalities of applications. It allows organizations to adjust the functions and security permissions of individual applications based on the needs and sharing ability required for each project that app is used. It provides an organization the flexibility to allows an administrator to take an application, associate extra security and management features with it and re-deploy it as a single program. Even better this process can be replicated, tweaked and improved over and over and over again based on project or organizational needs.

EASA software’s application wrapping software provides an easy to use platform for an organizations application wrapping and application modernization needs. EASA software’s simple and straightforward user interface ensures that the process is quick, easy and thorough, even for the non-developer or technical administrator.

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