Mind map refers to a graphic illustration or diagram that represents ideas, words or tasks which are linked and connected to a central idea or keyword. One can use them to distinguish ideas or words with symbols or colors. In most cases, the ideas or words represented in this kind of diagram are usually arranged in a hierarchical order with the aim of making them clearer and understandable.

Technically speaking, the idea of creating these kind of diagrams was actually invented by Tony Buzan who gave the best guidelines in his works. Tony outlined 10 points that can help anybody create or draw a befitting diagram. These are the simple steps you can follow. They boil down to the beginning your drawing at the center with the main idea or word you want to discuss and then creating sub branches in a hierarchical order with a view of arriving at a logical conclusion. Here are the guidelines you can follow in drawing a mind map according to Tony Buzan.

• Begin at the center with a topic or image. You have to use 3 colors at least.

• Make use of symbols, images or codes in the map

• Use upper and lower case letters to highlight the keywords where necessary

• Allow each word to stand alone on a line

• All the lines must be linked to one another beginning from the center

• The lines should be the same length as the idea or word they are meant for

• Make use of many colors all through the mind map

• Personalize the mind according to your standard

• Make use of emphasis in various aspects of the mind map

• Use radial hierarchy to make the mind map clear. You can equally use outlines and numbers.

Indeed, an effective mind map can serve as a treasure map to success when you succeed in utilizing it to the full. You can use a detailed mind map to generate or visualize ideas that can help you in diverse ways. You can use the ideas you generate from it to solve basic personal problems. You can equally use that to organize pieces of information in a better way. When it comes to making decisions, it can also be very helpful. You can equally use it to enhance your studies and writing ability.

When you succeed in representing words or ideas in a hierarchical order using a mind map, you can easily use that to plan your road to success. These diagrams encourages brainstorming which is a key factor you have to engage to think your way through success. You can easily organize and plan various tasks that can lead you to resounding success when you use a mind map.

In all, a well drawn mind map can enhance your creative and imaginative abilities which are very important in taking you to greater heights in life. A constant practice using this kind of diagram is very vital if you must see greater results.

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