There is a fabulous hot tub retail and service business in southwest Montana, pleasantly named Mountain Hot Tub. It was during one of our monthly team meetings that they officially declared their vision...they would be known as "The Hot Tub Capital of the World".

As soon as the vision was proclaimed, the energy in the room sky- rocketed!

Employees began talking excitedly about what it would look like to be "The Hot Tub Capital of the World."

One employee remarked, "We would have a loyal community and following of hot tubers!" Another stated, "For every residential area, more than 50% of the residents would own hot tubs!"

The sharing continued..."I would own a fishing cabin above the Gallatin River!" Followed by, "We would service all brands of hot tubs!" The input and ideas were amazing.

1Weeks later they received a phone call. It was a request to repair another hot tub brand.

The service tech drove out to the spa owner's home.

After carefully inspecting the hot tub he said, "I hate to tell you this, but basically it's going to cost you about as much to repair this hot tub as it would cost you to buy a new one. I would really encourage you to come into the store and speak with one of our sales guys to see what he can do for you."

A few days later the customer visited the store and sought out the recommended sales person.

They began by exploring through the used hot tubs. The sales person then started showing the customer the new hot tubs in order to compare the tow. During this time the two men were deep in conversation.

Meanwhile, another customer walked in to buy some chemicals for his hot tub. After he purchased his chemicals he asked the cashier, "Is that person thinking about buying a hot tub?"She advised him that he was indeed making that consideration.

The gentleman turned around and waited patiently, all while holding a heavy armload of chemicals; he wanted to talk to the customer who was considering buying a new spa.

When there was a break in conversation he introduced himself and said, "You should buy a spa from these guys. They will take great care of you! They have amazing customer service and these spas are INCREDIBLE! I can't say enough about these guys or their hot tubs; they've been just phenomenal!"

Needless to say, the customer purchased a brand new hot tub from Mountain Hot Tub.

These are the kind of events that happen when you declare and commit to a vision that pulls you forward. It brings about an unforeseen series of events that you could never have orchestrated, like customers waiting patiently with an armload of heavy chemicals to express their deep appreciation and gratitude.

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