This is a very interesting question that comes before us and people always have conflicting opinions about it. Some people say, start with the first time you read it. Some say, wait for about 2 weeks for the exam and some others say, don't even care to create them, it's going to be huge and it becomes impossible to revise. But I think you need to answer a more important question before getting into this.
Why am I making notes?
• We generally get various answers here -
• Because it has more marks than the marks given by the guide/teacher/professor
• This gives me an edge in calculations, more points mean more points
• I like to make mppsc notes. it's fun and writing makes me miss more things
• This is the one-stop answer to all questions; I don't need to keep flipping over more books.
I think all the above answers are extremely valid; I exclusively buy one stop solution for all queries. But just for the sake of argument, let's say you make mppsc notes; The question is what will happen to him. Notes can never be bigger than your textbook; It can only be an addition to the set of points. There is no point in having notes that are twice as big as your textbook.
When should I make notes?
I think this is a far more fulfilling question to ask. Some people say right at the beginning, the first time you are reading something. Let's try this premise, if you are reading for the first time, everything that comes to you is new and every idea sounds like a great one. Eventually we end up with everything in notes.
Is there a better way to handle this?
I believe so! Instead of writing everything down, why not try marking it? You can play with different colors if you want. seriously! Do not trouble! Just mark it, whether it's a pen or pencil or even a scratch, no one will check your books while they're appraising!
I personally believe that mppsc notes should be made at the end and should be as short as possible. Something you can refer to and remember at the end. It should be a set of points; short cliff notes I would say so that it helps you to memorize ideas and get your faculties in order. The more you have accumulated at the end, the lesser the chances of revising it before the exam.

What should go in the notes?

anything that makes sense to you. Notes shouldn't have marks because your friend feels great about it. It's up to you to use those points to answer. You can score the same number of points in any answer if it makes sense. The exam is very different from our degree paper where we already know the type of questions. It deals with broad areas and is about making the answer sensible by correlating different perspectives.
Can I survive without taking notes?
Of course, you can, it's not about making notes for it. This is just to make your life easier. If it's using up too much of your energy, dodge it. There are many mppsc coaching in indore who are selling notes for mppsc exam you can buy from them. It doesn't make any sense. But I would suggest making notes nonetheless, the shorter it is - the better it is to give you ideas and perspective in the ninth moment for the exam. Make sure you make notes from some standard books. This saves a lot of time and energy.

Should it be ruled or unruled paper?
Do you think anyone cares about the lines, colors and pens we use? The usefulness of notes is simply memorization and simplification, not careful sophistication.

Note making rules of thumb
Make it for those core subjects where the breadth of the syllabus is clearly known.
1. Keep it very simple and organized, with numbers.
2. Refer to as few books as possible.
3. Abbreviations are more than welcome in making notes.
4. Make sure it has points you want to remember; it is a choice and only the important ones deserve to be part of it.
5. Don't go for the senior's notes, they are the ones that will keep you off track. Maybe you can use it as a reference, don't try to make it because it is made for his convenience. A topper's notes do not ensure you rank. Your own notes have a better chance of doing so
6. Don't spend too much time or effort on this, it is supposed to make your life simple and not more complicated.
7. Make a copy of it, you should not miss to try and end up with repetition.
8. Make notes at a time close to your exam, by then you will have gained enough maturity on the subject and general knowledge will not be the biggest part of it, instead very concrete points will come in the headlines.

In the end I would say, make mppsc notes and keep it simple and short!

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