Drugs are presented to every teenager at one point or another. No matter what the discussions at home have been, no matter what a “good boy or girl” that your kid really is, the curiosity of what drugs are about will likely grab him or her at some point in time because here is what the trend today is:

The use of illegal drugs is actually on the decline. Parents are hearing this and getting a false sense of security that drugs are less of a threat. But what about drinking? Do you, as a parent, think that drinking is a big deal? Probably not, because in all likelihood, you yourselves may drink or have friends that do. But look at these shocking statistics, and you will think twice about alcohol and drugs.

If a teen starts to drink regularly or gets drunk once under the age of 15, he or she is 40 times more likely to develop a drinking problem in life. A 17 year old who has gotten drunk and drinks regularly is 10 times more likely to develop a drinking dependence problem than his peers. The worst statistic that involves drinking, however, is that about 90% of kids who drink experiment with drugs, then, depending on how that drug use progresses addiction may not be far behind.
Here is the problem: while illegal drug use is falling, experimentation with “legal” drugs is on the uptrend. By “legal”, I mean prescription drugs that 60% of the time come from a parent’s bathroom cabinet. Maybe not your bathroom cabinet, but Johnny’s or Mary’s parents’ bathroom cabinet. And because the feeling is these drugs are prescribed, there is a false sense of security in the teen (i.e. the doctor recommended these—they can’t be harmful). The drugs being experimented with most are painkillers of different sorts, the most popular being Oxycontin or Oxycodone.

These prescription drugs are so popular that maybe the teen takes them one Saturday night, but then it can happen again, and then maybe on a Wednesday, and then addiction to these types of pills can occur very quickly – literally like someone turning a switch on or off. The pills cost between $20 and $80 depending on their strength and it is not a huge leap – when another teen says “hey, wait – why are you burning all that money on pills when “H” is such a better high and so much cheaper?” Then suddenly your good little A student who has probably only had a couple of beers here and there is messing with heroin. That is exactly how it happens, and after running two sober-living houses for years I can’t tell you how many shocked parents I have had to talk to. They always start with the same line: “We just never thought….”

This article is to make you think, and to make you do something you don’t want to do, but which could save your child’s life. Sit down and make an agreement that you are going to have an alcohol free, or a drug free house (or both). We furnish the written agreements (FREE on http://alcoholdrugtester.com, The Alcohol Drug Test Site) so that you can literally sit down, come from a place of love, and say we are just watching out for you.

Then the ONLY way for you to know what’s really going on is to get them to agree to drug test just once with you (unless they show positive, then you get to test them again in 90 days) and do a hair test – which gives you the drinking and drug history for the last 90 days – and discuss the results of that test. Kids today don’t worry about urine tests because there are so many ways to fool them (adulterants are sold EVERYWHERE LEGALLY) and they only go back 2 days in most cases. A HAIR test is pretty much impossible to fool, in that I have never heard of any product yet which successfully beats the test. You can buy these on our site at the best prices at Http://alcoholdrugtester.com.

But if you want to have some fun go into Google Keywords and input “Hair Test” or “Urine Test” and look at how many tens of thousands of searches a day there are for “passing a hair test”, “beating a urine test”, etc. It is unbelievable, and would encourage you to take my advice. It is quite possibly some of the best parenting advice you will ever get.
You love your child. Express that love. Show them this article you read. Explain why you want to do a test and make sure you tell them it has nothing to do with trust—because the one things alcohol and drugs simply don’t allow them to tell is the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Only a hair test can tell you that. Please note: hair tests do not effectively register or detect accurately drug or alcohol use in the two weeks prior to the test. Some parents supplement the hair test with a urine test to remove all question marks in this discussion.
You simply need to clip about 1½ inches of hair close to the scalp (2 inches to be safe) about the thickness of a pencil – that’s all it takes. As part of the $64.95 or $79.99 (depending on which test you buy) postage is paid and results are online in a matter of days, confidentially with no names used. This will quite possibly be the best parenting advice you will ever get, as far as performing a one or two-time event with your kids. All tests at http://alcoholdrugtester.com are guaranteed to be the lowest prices you will find anywhere online or off.

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I had a successful 20 year career on Wall Street going on until I sensed life was changing and thought it was age. But it was not, it was bipolar depression and it had turned my world upside down. I resolved to get treatment and became fascinated with the brain and how it works, especially with regard to mood disorders and alcohol or drug use. I spent thousands of hours studying with a famous Dual Diagnosis Dr, Dr. Joseph Haraszti, and I ended up opening up several sober living houses to handle people with alcohol, drug and mood disorders. This led to a bigger idea which was to create the first comprehensive recovery home search site. That is what we have just built at soberlivingsearch.com. The site where you can buy drug tests is linked to it --alcoholdrugtester.com