The website developers have been using Animation for so many years now and it has played a major role in determining whether the users will remain on the website or not. Initially there was lot of debate whether the animation will be really very helpful or not. This was because of the fact that anything in motion gave the hint of a pop-up or advertisement which so many people didn’t like. Hence, the reflexive action to close that page will come. But that perception has changed over time and animations are no longer looked upon that way and now have become an important part of providing effective User Interface design.

Animation Can Enhance the Experience of Users on an App

Suppose by following mobile App Development process, you have built a mobile app. There are many ways by which animation can enhance the experience of users on a mobile app:-

Gives Life to Your User Interface:
Many a time when a user is using an app, there are many background tasks going on for example some calculations, some data downloading from the server, some processing etc. These processes take time and if you don’t put an animation during this period then it might give your app a frozen look. That’s why developers should use animation to show that there is something ongoing process is happening. This sign of the process would make the user feel like the app will soon give some results and they have the power of navigating.

Make The Waiting Time More Interesting and Bearable:
It is the responsibility of the App Creator to do something creative during the waiting time. No matter what kind of user is, everyone hates waiting especially while using a mobile app. Most of the users don’t have the patience to wait around while your mobile app is loading. Although you cannot do anything about the waiting time but you can use the animation techniques to make that wait time interesting. Even though that would not reduce the time it takes for the page to load, it would at least keep the users attention on the mobile app.

Notify in a More Interactive Manner:
Notifications are there to demand the attention of the users. It cannot be better about informing them about something important by using the most interactive manner. Moving objects attract the attention of users and you can use them to notify the users about whatever it was without making it boring or annoying. Using a motion would attract the users. Motion animations have an edge over the others.

The Response in the Form of Visuals:
You should Hire App Developer who is creative enough to give response in form of visual. When a user is using a mobile app then getting some feedback in the form of visuals is very important. This response will tell the users that they have the power on the app. This can be done in many ways. For example, the buttons would respond in a slight way when the user taps on it, acknowledging the move. Hence at any point, using animation can enhance the interaction between a user and the mobile app.
Users notice even the smallest details and through visual, you can show responses using animation and that would mean a better experience for the users.

Use Animation to Navigate Users:
Just think how would the users know that they are moving from one location to another on a mobile app? So rather than doing that in an abrupt way, you can make use of animation to navigate them. This navigation can take place in many ways:-

  • By smooth transitions.
  • Transporting from one location to another.
  • Designing a button whose functionality deviates based on the situation.
  • Setting a visual hierarchy to describe a connection between elements.

What is Conceptual Animation?
Conceptual animation is the next and latest type of animation. It is a kind of motion design which conveys a particular idea before converting it into reality. In the User Interface Design, conceptual designs can be present in animations like transitions or other interactions. The conceptual animation is different from the mainstream approaches and this makes it stand out and to an extent, disputed. Basically, conceptual animation is the trendsetter of modern time. Each of the developer today is looking for a unique concept to set themselves apart from the others. This method of animation is quite different than the other styles and actually goes beyond all the tested ideas.

We have just discussed how we have seen a time when animation was thought of as an unattractive thing similar to people not liking the pop ups. But now and in real life animation is found out to be very elegant and powerful way to attract users to the mobile applications if they are used in proper manner. Animation gives life to even the most basic elements and makes an interactive interface. You should also note that if the animation is not used in a proper manner then it can even take the users away from your app. Although there are animations which are using simple and flat shapes but now the concept of animation is moving towards building a better and more creative interfaces. There are so many opportunities lying in this space for the app development companies.

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Being an experienced software developer at Xicom Technologies, Judi Toledo is passionate about web & mobile technologies. Researching on new technology that could help to enhance software functionalities. She keeps eye on the latest happening in the software industry to remain updated with the current market trends.