Now working moms can continue feeding their babies with breast milk easily with the help of a breast pump. So what really is a breast pump? Simply put, it’s a device that helps pump breast milk and the milk is then stored in a baby’s bottle that can be fed to the child. The baby bottle comes with a teat that is used to directly drink the milk from.

There are essentially 2 kinds of breast pumps: mechanical and electrical. While the mechanical breast pump requires squeezing or pulling a handle repetitively in order to release the milk, the electrical pump runs on a motor. And what’s great is the can be stored for a long time - 6 hours without any refrigeration and up to 8 days with refrigeration. A lot of working moms resort to using powdered milk when they return to work after their maternity leave. Doctors recommend feeding children with breast milk up to the age of 2 years. The breast pump allows the mother to do exactly that.

There are a number of brands that sell breast pumps but the better known and more trusted ones are Medela, Avent, Ameda and Bailey Medical. And what’s great is that you don’t need to worry about where to find them. With so many online brands selling baby stuff, you can just log onto one of them and check the ‘nursing’ section out and pick a brand that you are most comfortable with. Some of the few stores you can shop from are,,, and You can also find a number of websites providing detailed information on what kind of breast pump would be most suitable for your child and you. Also, there are Youtube channels that offer quick tutorials on how to use a breast pump.

While breastpumps are used for a variety reasons, including engorgement of breasts, primarily it is used when mothers want to continue feeding their kids breast milk. Using the breast pump is very simple. It neither causes any irritation nor is it a painful process. However, pumping milk that constitutes your child’s meals when you’re gone is a time consuming job and can take up to almost 2 hours. Further, if you aren’t comfortable with the breast pump that you have chosen, you can always consult your doctor to change it. If by using the pump, you experience any pain or irritation, you should consult your doctor immediately.

There is great debate however in the medical community regarding the use of baby bottles for feeding. While some say that using a baby bottle can transmit diseases, there are also those who say that once the bottle is sterilized properly, it can be used to store breast milk, and thus be given to the child. Therefore, depending on the situation and after discussing it with your doctor, you can decide whether or not to use a breast pump. There are many kinds of breast pumps available in the market. It is important to research carefully and opt for one that meets your needs and requirements.

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