What is bone mineral density?

This is a test that helps in measuring the density of calcium level in the bones and this is a computerized test known as tomography scan test. It also helps to give estimate strength of your bones.

Why is it necessary to go in for bone mineral density check?

As we age the bones grow thinner thus the chances of bones breaking becomes faster. This is due to the loss of vital minerals and calcium in the body which results in the more porous, lighter and less denser bone structure. This results in fractured limbs.

How do you classify the bone density in the body?

Bone density can be classified into three main categories ie high, normal and low. The normal bone density is usually normal in 30 year old persons, low bone density level is termed as osteopenia and osteoporosis is when the level of bone density is found to be high.

The thing that you need to know is that in case your bone mineral density level is lower than the normal required level you need to take calcium supplements along with vitamin D along with some exercises. This in turn will help you increase the bone mineral density level giving more strength to your bones.

The level of bone density in your body is contributed not only to age but then there are certain factors that also play an important role in determining the bone density level in your body.
Genetics: This is one major role player when it comes to the bone structure of your body as genes are known to control the skeletal growth, density as well as body mass and body size.
Exercise: The more you are into exercising the higher is the bone density level.
Nutritional factors: A nutritional diet also determines the bone mass and most of the time deficiency in calcium is attributed to a unbalanced and poor diet.
Menstrual History: As women age they tend to lose the bone density especially during the crucial menopause period as this is when most of women have shown to complain of osteoporosis. With age the estrogen production decreases and it has been seen that estrogen plays an important role as it is a store house of calcium in the body thus incorporating the bone structure in the body.

Are hgh and bone density level in the body interlinked?

Recent studies by ceraonline.org have definitely shown that both these are interlinked as a high protein diet and a sufficient intake of calcium supplements lower the risk of broken or fractured limbs. Maintaining a sufficient level of calcium in the body helps regulate various metabolic activities of the body.

Consuming food with high protein has shown to increase the bone mass density in the body, while on the other hand people taking placebo have shown a reduced level of calcium in their blood even after consuming more protein containing food stuffs. Proteins have shown to help regulate and absorb the calcium in the blood stream.

Low or High level of bone density in the body are known to cause problems it therefore becomes doubly important to maintain the required level of bone density in the body to control and combat problems that are related to HGH.

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