Are You Feeling Crazy or Connected?

Doesn’t everybody you know have their own particular brand of crazy? You can know the coolest person and they have at least one something that is a problem for them. People can look at another person and think that they person has it all together and from the outside they do and in most regards they do but even they have their stuff. Maybe it’s a love relationship that eludes them and always ends poorly, maybe its money, or maybe they have success, or they have done well with money and the relationship but always feel empty inside. Maybe they work too much, or not enough. Each person has their life lesson they’re working on (and sometimes it’s more than one).

Whatever your brand of crazy is you have the ability, in spite of your crazy default pattern, to disengage. You can step out of crazy. I’ve seen people do it, I’ve done it, and it is so powerful. I figure you can work on yourself to kingdom come and sometimes a crazy just likes to rear its head. You’re heading down the path - when all of sudden you’re terrified of leaving your home and going outside, or your body issues start to control you, or depression takes over, or you are completely stressed out over someone or something else, or you get thoroughly overwhelmed and paralyzed, or….. there you fill in your brand o’ crazy – what is it that takes control and takes over and takes you down? Touch down! Crazy wins. And the crazy crowd goes, well… crazy!! Yup. That’s the funny thing about life. We all got something.

What I know for sure is that no brand of crazy owns me. Crazy is as crazy does. So when my crazy comes up I acknowledge it. Usually I’m IN it for a short spell before I realize oh…this is all an illusion. You’re not real, Mr. Crazy. You’re trying to make me THINK this potential horror is real. So thank you for sharing and I gotta tell you. This is my life. This is my world. I do this my way and even thought you are rearing your ugly head I am still gonna do it. That’s right. I am still moving forward. Thank you for sharing but I am going to take a step through you to the other side, because I have a choice. And I choose to NOT connect with you, and to instead connect with what is real and right for me. I am designed for great things, for joy, for happiness. I am worthy and worth the treasures and riches and dreams come true.

We can choose to put all our chips down and turn the roulette wheel betting in favor of our crazy or we can take our chips while we’re well ahead, and walk away. ‘Coz crazy will win. Crazy takes down. Crazy was created to sabotage us. We think it’s real, we think its helping. Crazy is just something we decided somewhere along the way and it is the default M.O that pops up in our life to stop our momentum.

Do you believe in a Higher Power? In Source, or God Goddess All There is…Allah, Buddha, Yahweh….a good kind Universe? Whatever you attribute your energy and creation to, know that you are always connected. We act as though we are not. Like we need to meditate to get there. But truthfully we are at all times a part of and beloved by Source. So when the crazies are getting to you, and they will from time to time, stop. Recognize it for what it is and take a breath and stop. Now, new choice. Step into your greatness. Source is always connected to you, you just dimly forget from time to time. Reconnect, reengage, they were always here, you just went away momentarily. Step forward into the light of the highest on high and who you truly are.

When we attempt to partner with Wi-Fi for a computer or phone it asks if we want to connect. Your highest self is asking the same thing. I’m right here, I’m wireless and I’m everywhere. Do you want to connect?

When we veer off the path and into the valley of fear or stress or I’m not _(fill in the blank)___ enough, or overwhelm, or financial craziness…whatever your variety of crazy…. Come back little Sheba. And reconnect with Source. You always are connected anyway. You just need to be reminded now and then. :-)

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Debbi Dachinger’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program. It’s been featured in Yahoo News, Earth Times, and Singapore Star News, and online news sources around the world. Author of the new bestselling book “Dare to Dream: This Life Counts,“ Debbi is often heard as an interview guest on other radio and TV shows; in addition, Debbi is an inspirational keynote speaker and a spokeswoman on panels.